Breaking…Police Doubt Jussie Smollett’s MAGA Attack Story


John Ziegler wrote on Mediaite that behind the scenes, police doubt Jussie Smollett’s story of a MAGA attack. Smollett is a well-regarded actor in the series ‘Empire’.  He told police and the public that right-wingers attacked him in Chicago in the middle of the night on his way to Subway.

He was allegedly beaten, demeaned with slurs, had a liquid poured over him, and a noose put around his neck.

The attackers allegedly screamed, “This is MAGA country,” as they committed their crimes, even though it was the middle of the far-left country.

His entire story is fantastical and only a minute of his time on camera is not available. And it’s clear the two alleged attackers weren’t in any of the videos.

Ziegler has been speaking with police sources who say even Smollett’s defenders doubt the story, but no one wants to take on the mob who will come to his rescue if anyone dares claim the incident did not take place. Smollett is black, gay, and very left-wing politically which means he’s untouchable.

Even though the police doubt his story, they are telling the public they support him.

Police told Ziegler the investigation would either end in the capture of Smollett’s attackers or his arrest.

Two reporters, Rob Elgas of ABC News, and Rafer Weigel of a Fox affiliate are publishing the timelines and details of what transpired and what police have uncovered on Twitter. They’ve uncovered nothing to support his story, just facts to debunk it. No other media outlets have picked up the story since no one wants to deal with the mob.

Smollett is a Trump hater, but, suspiciously, he didn’t mention the MAGA element to police at first. It wasn’t until he spoke with media, that Smollett reported the MAGA angle. The media has run with the Trump supporters as violent lunatics who attacked this sympathetic gay man, but they won’t run with the reports that seem to show he made the whole thing up.

That is the sorry state of our media today.

The Source reported that Smollett is facing charges if police find he filed a false report. Reports say that twelve detectives and at least one FBI agent have been on the case full-time. What crimes could these officers have prevented while working on Smollett’s claims?

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