Breaking! Prosecution Witness Says He Killed ISIS Militant, Not Gallagher


Navy SEAL Eddie Galagher has been imprisoned for the murder of an ISIS militant. After the killing, he is said to have posed with the body. Gallagher has received brutal treatment at the hands of the military in this case to the point that President Trump had to intervene. The media, except for Fox News, convicted Gallagher in the public domain.

The prosecution called medic Cory Scott to the stand to testify against Gallagher today. Scott testified that he had seen Gallagher stab the fighter in the neck. But under cross-examination, Scott said he killed the ISIS militant.

Scott served with Chief Gallagher at the time. He said he caused the death of the ISIS terrorist by holding his thumb on the air tube and asphyxiated him.



  1. The Green Weenie will always try to stick it to you when you perform above and beyond the call of duty. Semper Fi to Chief Gallagher and to the left winged military bureaucrats who attempted to impale chief Gallagher on a post, I say: “Up- your asses with a red hot poker”. This is no tea party we are involved in, this is a fight for the survival of our country.

  2. Why was Navy SEAL Eddie Galagher being prosecuted for doing his job, a job his government and military superiors sent him to do in the first place? Do any of his accusers know what the ISIS terrorists do to him under the same circumstances? Don’t they realize what they have already done to Americans, Europeans, Christians, Jews and even their own people who get in the way of their jihad? I don’t care which of them killed the ISIS terrorist, the scum will never kill, injure, fight against or even make disparaging remarks against another American again. And he also found out the truth about the 72 virgins waiting for him, they’re blow up dolls still in the original packaging.

    • Wondering if this prosecution started under the Obama reign and some of the “superiors” there was trying to suck up for a promotion. Let’s see where this goes……..nothing worse that politically abusive military “superiors.” COURT MARSHALL!!!

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