Breaking…Sen. Grassley Gives Ms. Blasey the New Conditions


Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley appears to have had enough of the absurd run-around he’s getting from Mrs. Blasey and her far-left handlers. He has been trying to make arrangements for her to give her testimony but Ms. Blasey and her lawyers keep moving the goal posts.

He has given her until 10 p.m. tonight to respond to the hearing offer or the vote for Judge Kavanaugh will take place on Monday.

Read the full counter offer. While the Committee will meet some of her demands, they will not ask Judge Kavanaugh to testify first. He has the right to directly hear and respond to the testimony of his accuser.

They will also not subpoena Mark Judge. That is not what they do and he has already forwarded a sworn statement under penalty of a felony.

Ms. Blasey set her undemocratic non-starter conditions earlier today. Click the link.

Blasey-Ford Makes Her Demands, Trump Throws Out a Challenge

  • That’s enough! She doesn’t testify Monday then vote Kavanaugh in and be done. They will whine and cry for a few weeks, then onto the next scam they go.

  • There is no evidence and no witnesses to what may or not have happened 36 years ago. Dr Ford and her lawyer will try to extend this deadline.. Get tough.

  • Grassley has gone overboard with his attempts to listen to this nutcase….set the vote,…let her talk to cnn….they can tell their lies together.