Exclusive…The Most Outrageous Clinton Scandal Is About to Hit the Fan


The biggest Clinton scandal has always been The Clinton Foundation.

The following exclusive exposé comes out of an interview Monday evening with financial expert and writer Charles Ortel who has been investigating The Clinton Foundation and what you are about to hear will shock you. It’s outrageous and more evidence of the special rules the Clintons live by.

Mr. Ortel believes a prominent group – politicians out of DC – are about to take it on and it might be bipartisan. They will demand FBI Director Comey look into the Foundation.

Mr. Ortel is the one who made a name for himself when he uncovered the floundering of GE when no one else did. Mr. Ortel started looking into The Clinton Foundation and expected to see a solid charity. He is not political and wasn’t exploring it from a partisan viewpoint.

What he found floored him. The Clintons took a charity approved to build a presidential archival library out of Arkansas where the laws are very different and moved it into New York where the laws are strict. They completely ignored the New York laws and took on projects that had nothing to do with the library.

The charity, Mr. Ortel said, “is a complete fraud.” It has never had a real audit and under New York law, once they take in $500,000 a year, an audit is required.

The Clinton Foundation is nothing but a “slush fund”, he said.

They claim to be fighting HIV/AIDs but have never been approved for that very dangerous operation.

No one knows how much money goes in or out of it.

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) teamed up with Laureate and claimed to be a university which is not allowed. Bill has claimed $16 1/2 million for part time work as chancellor and did not report it.

He gave some speeches from what I can determine.

For the most recent year, about $300 million has gone through this foundation without any accounting.

In New York State, every grant is supposed to be filed and they’ve never done that.

As Mr. Ortel said, people have donated their time and money for charity and there is no accounting. He said it’s the reverse of Robin Hood. It’s the rich stealing from the poor.

He gave some examples of the potential corruption. Norway gave $90 million but the Foundation claimed they gave $30 million. Where’s the other $60 million?

No one knows how much goes to charity. We asked Charles about that specifically.

The first question, he said, is how much of the money that goes towards the Clintons actually goes towards charity. The second question is how much goes to the only authorized tax-exempt purpose of the charity which is the Little Rock Clinton library. That isn’t more than 10%.

Consider for a moment how conservatives were treated over their 501(c)s and then compare to what the Clintons get away with.

The balance beyond the library goes to all kinds of operations that aren’t tied to charity, Mr. Ortel contends.

The Clinton Global Initiative which is their showcase is “nothing but a gigantic party”. There are no controls over how much money actually got spent. They have these conferences and brag about what they might do. They dress up and party.

The corruption starts with the Clinton Foundation but there is a lot more. There is something called the American India Foundation and it claims $100 million but the man running it said he raised a billion dollars. The charity for Haiti has supposedly raised $14 billion for Haiti but the people in Haiti are poorer than they were before the money was raised.

There are many other arms of this thing but there’s no accounting. This is “a modern version of Tammany Hall only it’s on a global scale” with tens of billions of dollars floating around, Mr. Ortel concluded.

While Barack Obama can forgive their federal crimes, Mr. Ortel believes they have broken state and international laws over which he has no control.

The entire Broadcast is below and begins with the dangers police will face in Cleveland next week and then ends about 2/3rds of the way through with Charles Ortel. The audio is better. Go to about 59:30:


The movement to demand an investigation has already begun. Check out the updates. The House letter calls the Foundation “lawless” and it definitely is that.

The New York Observer says it’s the next scandal to be investigated:

According to The Hill, the FBI has yet to rule out the Clinton Foundation‘s influence on Hillary Clinton‘s State Department, as there have been multiple conflicts of interest between the two.

An investigation by Vox revealed at least 181 Clinton Foundation donors lobbied the State Department while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. UBS, for example, paid Bill Clinton $1.5 million in speaking fees shortly after Hillary Clinton helped the Swiss bank settle a lawsuit with the IRS—for a fraction of what the IRS initially sought.

Clinton Foundation donations have also been linked to State Department favors for weapons manufacturers and foreign governments. Peter Schweitzer’s book, Clinton Cash, cites four trustees of the Clinton Foundation charged with or convicted of financial crimes. Aside from the security risks her private email server posed, evidence suggests Clinton’s intent was not convenience, but rather to circumvent FOIA laws…Keep reading…

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6 years ago

Comey and Lynch are so deeply rooted in these scandals that they will do nothing.
Republicans are very late in demanding investigations, and notice their leadership says nothing.
And, the predicted rebellion at the FBI is non-existent. After the conventions, the media will start
creating more pretend Trump scandals.

6 years ago

nothing will ever happen to the clinton crime family .. too many people will say it is bad for the country to do anything to a former president …. i say it is HEALTHY for the country to convict and jail ALL politicians who break the law

6 years ago

I don’t care what party member is exposed as long as people see the corruption. If we don’t start fighting this corruption, we are done.

6 years ago

How? I could tell you but I might be charged with inciting an insurrection.

6 years ago

When once you realize that the Foundation is the REAL story, the nexus upon which the globalist efforts in North America are based, and that it and the implications for hundreds of DC figures on both “sides” of the UniParty are at risk for exposure and prosecution, all of the current unrest and collusion with Obama and DOJ becomes clear.

It is Campaign Hillary, extended. All of it. If the Clintons do not regain the WH, all bets are off. No guarantees of continuing the gravy train can be assumed, and allies, banks, and politicians and their advisors are culpable. It’s far more massive than anyone but the hundreds of FBI investigators who have amassed mountains of evidence can imagine.

Comey gave Hillary a pass not only because he has a history of doing so, but also because his HSBC directorship involves him as well – and because he HAD to. An indictment pits his agency against the whole federal government, and could potentially be a Constitutional crisis the like of which has never been seen.

Besides, the judiciary structure incrementally put in place favors the corrupt elites.

So, Trump must be stopped, at whatever cost. Not because of how deep he may dig – and he’s vowed to prosecute Hillary – but because he’ll do anything at all. It’s known what Ryan and McConnell will do: zero.

As a Foundation donor, Trump is perhaps culpable for bribery, but he’s insulated himself from real damage, because he knows things, and just how dirty the Clintons are is only part of it.

Nonetheless, he represents a change that is desperately needed.