Breaking Thursday…FBI Reopens Hillary Clinton Email Case


The Justice Department has reopened the Hillary Clinton email scandal in a new bombshell report from the Daily Beast.

According to the Daily Beast, the Justice Department is seeking new details on how Clinton and her aides — including former top aide Huma Abedin — handled classified material. The probe will look at how much classified information was on her private email server, and how that information got there.

The email probe under Jim Comey was rife with corruption if only half of the reports that leaked out are true.

The information about the investigation came from ally of Attorney General Jeff Sessions who is familiar with the thinking at the Justice Department’s Washington headquarters, Beast reported.

Daily Beast believes the FBI would not have been interested in reopening the case if the President hadn’t brought it up. However, many American people want it reopened as well.

Brian Fallon, former spokesperson for the Justice Department and Clinton’s presidential campaign, suspects DOJ officials are engaging in perfunctory steps “to give Trump and his allies something to talk about.

Fallon seems unaware of the many signs of corruption over this case in the Comey-led FBI.

In this next clip, host Maria Bartiromo and former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich review some of the issues that have been revealed which point to corruption in the system.

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5 years ago

I would be reluctant to have hopes that “classified emails” is a serious enough offense to warrant judicial action. Way too many in Congress are focusing on the “classified” part of this investigation. Why is that. Look at the history of Congress in the Benghazi investigation. Nothing came of it. So, how much of all this is nothing but political theater.

Remember all the hype about the FBI informant and was “soon” to be meeting with investigators. THEN, all of a sudden, total silence and on to another “scandal”. Reports are that the email scandal is to “be investigated”. That is just another way to say, “you can be quiet now”.

Look at whose wealth has greatly increased during these times. Trey Gowdy had been praised for investigating Benghazi which went nowhere. But, his wealth has increased significantly in only a few years.

Nunes came out with the statement that appeared to suggest the FBI would release documents, but NOT on the day specified originally but “soon”. Hasn’t the FBI / DOJ made this promise on several occasions before. I suspect Nunes is being played, Or, he wants to appease those who are raising their voices for action.

When we look at all the details that have come out it has NOT been by Congress and their investigations but rather external sources. I don’t expect to learn anything from the vultures profiting off the public.