Brennan calls for IMPEACHMENT, says Mueller proved collusion & obstruction


Ex-communist [we think ex-] John Brennan said the Mueller report proves Russia collusion, just not enough to prove a criminal conspiracy. He also claims there is extensive evidence of obstruction.

He’s insane, and he has to justify having called the President a traitor, guilty of treason, punishable by death.

Brennan didn’t like the President saying there was no collusion or obstruction. He now wants the Congress to impeach. That would make him look less crazy.


Even Robert Mueller concluded there was no collusion and couldn’t pull the trigger on obstruction. Rod Rosenstein and Bill Barr found him not guilty of obstruction.

That is not the case. The President was shockingly transparent and cooperative. He gave Mueller everything he asked for. Attorney General Bill Barr also sympathized with some of the President’s comments and rants that could have sounded like obstruction, especially given the nature of the probe which hung over his entire presidency.

The big issue everyone points to is the exchange with Don McGahn where he allegedly told McGahn to fire Mueller and he didn’t. The firing never took place and we can’t start convicting people of thought crimes. In any case, the President had every right to fire Mueller and could have done it himself any time he wanted to do it.

It’s a no-never-mind.


Much of the crap in the report that was embarrassing to innocent people in the administration was just that, crap. Mueller threw everything at the administration, every comment, every off-handed remark, every rumor. But when it came to his side, and he did take sides, he was kind.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is considering impeachment as a possibility and several communists in the House signed a resolution to impeach. In the Senate, Elizabeth Warren called for impeachment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scheduled a Monday conference call with top House Democrats to discuss the Mueller report and “next steps to be taken.”

The enemy is within.

Did you know that Jim Comey was once a communist [maybe he still is?]. Read about that here, he admitted it.


He gave details about Brennan’s guilt in the illicit spying of Americans in this clip.



  1. Rudy Giuliani roasted Jake Tapper the Yapper this morning on state of the union, they argued a lot over the Don McGahn BS, Tapper kept trying to cut Rudy off, Rudy didn’t allow it!!!!

  2. So we had a COMMUNIST Director of the CIA and a COMMUNIST Director of the FBI?? About time to take these TRAITORS OUT AND DOWN. Screw you, Comey, and Screw you Brennan. No way will you take this President down without your being shot by a firing squad.

  3. I repeat myself;

    Because the Democrats pushed so aggressively for a Special Counsel and “cheered” fanatically over prosecutions of process crimes they have opened Pandora’s box. In the previous cases of Clapper and Brennan’s lies in front of Congress there was no repercussions of any kind. We now have aggressive prosecutions in cases where people are charged with false testimony to Congress. Mueller’s report has identified “this” as a serious crime.

    There is now precedent to investigate and prosecute any and all who went before Congress and submitted false testimony. The Pandora’s box has been opened. Brennan, with his constant attacks on the President and calls for impeachment, and Clapper parroting similar talking points may soon find themselves in the proverbial ‘hot seat’. The bar has been lowered for what constitutes a prosecutable offense.

    It’s possible and even likely if Sessions did not recuse, and no Special Counsel appointed, those who would be guilty may never have faced justice. Instead, it makes it imperative that investigations continue. In this way it can be even more destructive to the media and the left. If Sessions would not have left, there would be no need for a new AG, William Barr, a person who is not on track for higher positions in life, or a name.

    • Karma has a way of righting the wrongs. Brennan and Clapper may be perfect example of that. Along with all the rest of the leftist members of the previous administration.
      Barr stated that he will begin to look into the origins of the Mueller investigation. As we all seem to know it began with the “dossier”, or before that maybe, the leftists should be quaking in their boots. And, they are, thus all the screaming about “peachment” and possible thought crimes by the POTUS.
      Gonna be interesting to see what shakes out with the Barr inquiries.
      More popcorn is a must for this show.

  4. Think about this. What IF all these concerns the media and the Democrats had “proved” to be true. It was insinuated we HAD a President who was a Manchurian candidate. What would the ramifications be if that were the case and it came out. Could we trust any future President. Furthermore, how would we know past Presidents were not also Manchurian candidates. In this new light we would have to question every decision made in the past. For Brennan to continue to assert this he is taking us down that road. Rather than all this, maybe it is Brennan himself, with his background, who IS the one with Manchurian status.

  5. No one ever talks about Brennan converting to Islam while he was stationed overseas.
    Hmm…I wonder why that is.

    • Obviously that affected his thought processes….when one considers that the proponents of this particular ideology have actually regressed in the 1400 years since their inception on the evolutionary ladder…and are now situated three to five rungs lower than the chimpanzee thereon…

  6. Hey Brennan, our justice system works like this, when an investigation of a crime or a potential crime leads to no evidence of a crime, the case is closed as unfounded. That inherently means the accused who is always assumed innocent until proven guilty is innocent. In regular speech, that means the accused is exonerated. Now get lost idiot !!!!!

  7. Brennan will do anything for Obama as long as he is allowed to get on his knees naked with butt wide open and greased in front of him.

  8. Why does anyone listen to this commie? He’s a hateful Obama prevaricator and the only ones who take heed to his rants are the liberal media advocates.

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