Brennan defines “Russian Assets” & unwittingly points fingers


Former CIA Director John Brennan spoke at an event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday called “2020 Vision: Intelligence and the U.S. Presidential Election.”

Moderator Margaret Brennan of CBS News asked Brennan what Hillary was referring to when she called Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian asset.”

Brennan left it to Clinton for the most part but thought it was feasible, adding his definition of a “Russian asset.”

“You can say something is a Russian asset even if it is not intentionally trying to advance Russian interests, but because of what it does or what it says or whatever, it is, in fact, something that is promoting the Russian agenda,” Brennan answered.

“The Russians are very sophisticated observers,” he continued. “They’ve looked at a lot of different countries in terms of how they can influence events there, and sometimes it may be a third-party candidate, pushing money into the coffers of some of those politicians and parties that they favor.”

“They also push money into some campaigns that they oppose because they want to put tainted money in there and then expose it as a way to undercut and undermine the electoral prospects of individuals,” he continued.

“They will be able to befriend individuals who unwittingly will go along with their encouragement.”

Such people include “politicians who are going to be amenable, if not malleable, in terms of the overtures that they make.”


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sold our largest uranium mine to the Russians. They gave up the Eastern European Defense system for nothing in return. Both disarmed Ukraine and gave the green-light for the Russians to take over Crimea. Obama even told the public most of the Crimeans were Russians and deserved to vote. He said nothing when the election was obviously rigged.

Hillary and Barack’s reset for nothing in return was a disaster.

Barack helped Russia by sending $1.7 billion to their ally, Iran in cash and gold which could be used for terrorism. The nuke deal was the worst disaster.

All the sanctions and hard-hitting assault on the Russians have come from President Trump. Obama was limp-wristed in all matters. When they attempted to interfere in our election with troll farms, Obama said he told Putin to “cut it out.”

Hillary and Barack are Russian assets by Brennan’s definition.

Brennan and the entire past administration, and the media are trying to overturn the 2016 election. That too, makes them Russian assets.


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Tony Alfaro
Tony Alfaro
4 years ago

Brennan just described himself as a Russian asset by being a principal participant of a coup d’etat to overthrow our duly elected president. This will be proven in AG Bill Barr’s and US Attorney John Durham’s investigations