Brennan the Coup Coup Man says President’s claims are “sociopathic ramblings”


Former CIA Director and former communist John Brennan is a very hard person to like and I imagine plenty of people on the left would agree, despite political differences. He has lied to Congress and hasn’t stopped attacking the President on MSNBC and on social media since the election, even claiming the President is a traitor.

The punishment for traitors is execution.


In a bit of projection, he accused the President of “sociopathic ramblings” for claiming there is a coup to unseat him. Brennan also said he is also willing to testify before Congress that he is not involved in any coup. Since he can always fall back on his penchant for lying, why the heck not?

This was in response to a clip played before his rant in which the President claimed there is a coup that might involve Barack Obama.

Brennan said, “Well I don’t think it’s surprising at all that we continue to hear the sociopathic ramblings of Mr. Trump claiming that there was this effort to try to prevent him from being elected or to unseat him,” Brennan said angrily.


He also snarked at Rand Paul for a tweet he sent out, making mention of the fact that Brennan insisted on the inclusion of the garbage dossier in the intelligence report. Paul had heard that from a “high-level source.” Paul wants him to testify ASAP.

Brennan testified that he did not include the dossier in the intelligence report. That’s perjury if he lied and evidence points to it as a lie.

If there is a coup, Brennan is a major force behind it. He is the coup man. Perhaps he’s afraid.

There is little doubt that the Democrats have threatened to impeach the President since the election. They haven’t let up and there is evidence that the Mueller probe was trumped up. If there is a coup, Brennan is behind it in large part. The new Attorney General Bill Barr has promised to investigate which has made him a target of character assassination.


Brennan called for Trump’s impeachment after the Mueller report said the President did not commit a crime. Senator Paul has linked Brennan to Spygate.

Brennan also suggested the President could be deposed. That is coup talk. His rhetoric has been over the top for two years.

In November 2018, Brennan tweeted the President could be deposed.

The former [maybe not former] communist Brennan tweeted: Your feelings of inferiority, insecurity, vulnerability, and culpability are loud & clear. You remind me of how many corrupt authoritarian leaders abroad behaved before they were deposed. Bob Mueller’s name will be revered in the annals of U.S. history; your name will be scorned.

Periodically, he has called for insurrection.

The overwhelming number of tweets Brennan sends out are anti-Trump. Brennan is obsessed.

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