#BretBug Stephens Is Back BIG TIME with a Jaw-Dropping Op-Ed


The NY Times recently suffered an infestation of bedbugs and that became the fodder for a joke aimed at Bret Stephens by a professor.

By now, you have heard about Bret Stephens’ attack on a George Washington University professor after he joked it wasn’t the NY Times that was overrun with bedbugs, Stephens is the bedbug. Even the President waded in against the supercilious Stephens. Stephens tried to get the professor fired. You can catch up here.

“The bedbugs are a metaphor. The bedbugs are Bret Stephens,” George Washington University associate professor Dave Karpf quipped.

It’s funny, come on.

Stephens said calling people insects is the handiwork of totalitarian regimes. We kid you not.

It’s not over it seems. BretBug won’t let it end (BretBug is his hashtag name on Twitter).

Now he’s trying to prove that calling him a bedbug is what the Nazis and Soviet totalitarians did. The professor is a Nazi.

In his NY Times jaw-dropping op-ed Friday, Bretbug wrote:

It was also a time when ideology dictated that fury be directed at entire classes of people. The decade began with Soviet propaganda cheering Stalin’s announcement of “the liquidation of kulaks as a class” — a reference to millions of Ukrainian peasants who would die of forced starvation in the Holodomor.

The political mind-set that turned human beings into categories, classes, and races also turned them into rodents, insects, and garbage. “Anti-Semitism is exactly the same as delousing,” Heinrich Himmler would claim in 1943. “Getting rid of lice is not a matter of ideology. It is a matter of cleanliness.” Watching Warsaw’s Jewish ghetto burn that year, a Polish anti-Semite was overheard saying: “The bedbugs are on fire. The Germans are doing a great job.”

Today, the rhetoric of infestation is back.

He then goes on to bash Trump because he or some people on the right used the word ‘infestation’ and it’s apparently banned.

Dr. Karpf inspired the silly goose.

It’s obvious the NY Times needs delousing. We will leave it there. Some interested person of the left, southpaw, followed Stephens own link and found he did not clear the search. Stephens googled ‘Jews as bedbugs.’

As it happens, he repurposed the first dissertation which came up supporting his theory that the professor is like a Nazi or something.

The Professor, Dr. David Karpf, is not happy. Stephens is abusing his access to a big megaphone. BretBug made his vile assertions on the paper of record and in TV interviews, left Twitter and is still writing. What he’s writing and the insinuations are absurd.

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