BretBug Stephens Rails Over Being Called a Bedbug


This is funny. Bret Stephens, a snotty elitist writer for the NY Times, is quitting Twitter because a professor called him a bedbug. Not only is he quitting social media, which he hates anyway, he tried to get the professor fired.

He has succeeded in uniting Americans on Twitter. We all agree he should be mocked for this.

#BretBug now trends.

It seems there was some type of bedbug infestation in his office and the professor said Stephens was the bedbug. It was a joke. Dr. Karpf wrote, “The bedbug is a metaphor. The bedbugs are Bret Stephens.”

Stephens invited the professor to meet his family and call him a bedbug to his face. This is not satire!

Bedbug made him feel “dehumanized.” Ah… He also said calling someone an insect goes back to totalitarian regimes.

Stephens apparently has a long history of “suffering” on the blogosphere. The bedbug insult just did it, man. He wanted to get the professor fired over it although he says that’s not the case!

If I were five, I would be upset too.

How can he say that without laughing? This is a man who occupies some mighty expensive and expansive media real estate and this is how he thinks.

Just this week, the President was accused of killing millions in the future, more than Hitler, Mao, and Stalin but Bret hasn’t said a word about that.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 years ago

Sophist Stephens speaks and writes only for money, which is why he can change positions often, but always sticks to the establishment since it is safer.

4 years ago

More like a cocksuc… Uh I mean roach, yeah he’s more like a cockroach