Brian Fallon Threatens Senators, Kavanaugh, Reveals the Plan


Brian Fallon spoke with The New York Times Wednesday and openly revealed Democrat plans to stop Brett Kavanaugh, keep the Supreme Court seat open and “out of Trump’s hands” until 2020.

As if we didn’t know. He’s also threatening people.

Fallon, Hillary Clinton’s former national press secretary, co-founded “Demand Justice” with Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s former aide Paige Herwig. The group seeks revenge for the loss of the seat for Merrick Garland.

If Kavanaugh drops out, we’re halfway there,” Fallon told the Times.

Fallon’s plan reaches its heights in November: “If Democrats are able to win back the Senate, we’d have a path to blocking Trump from picking any of the archconservatives on his short list.”

After Democrats hold the seat, they win the Senate. Ultimately, they want the White House. They want it all but they don’t want it fairly.

The Democrats will do anything to win — everything. They want all the power, all the control.


This next tweet is the worst. He has a dark heart. How can he call Brett Kavanaugh a rapist without any evidence whatsoever? He’s threatening Senators in his last ditch effort to stop Kavanaugh, and what does he mean “Kavanaugh will not serve for life”? Impeachment or is this another threat to Kavanaugh’s life? The judge isn’t even all that conservative, he’s more like Justice Kennedy than he is like a Justice Thomas.

Fallon definitely doesn’t believe in the two-party system, but, then again, what socialist would?


  1. Fallon is another corrupt lying Democrat, I am sick of the crooked Democrats they are so corrupt, they paid the Ford lady to make up this lying story about Judge Kavanaugh, this woman is a liar, she claimed she couldn’t remember the place, who drove her home and do many other lies, and the reason why is that she was under oath and when caught in the lie she can say she never gave a location etc, Jeff Flake is a lying Democrat in Rupublican clothes, he’s another liar just like the lying deceitful crook Democrats, I say they are Dumacrats or Democraps that’s what they are, from those corrupt Clintons to that Muslim Obama they are I believe evil people.

  2. Maybe he’ll have the same kind of luck keeping Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, he had keeping Donald Trump out of the White House. Sometimes you’ve just got to be thankful for your enemies. He’s a loser.

    • Brian Fallon is nothing but a “BULLY”…I pray someone knocks the shit out of him and his big mouth. He’s going to show whose “BOSS”…BULLY…My dad use to deal with bully’s like him. and you know where they ended up,. My dad was with the mob…I only wish Tony Bannanos was still alive. He would shut this BUlly’s mouth up good. You can’t hurt innocent people or were you not taught that? MONEY MONEY MONEY….Soros is paying your ass to do what your doing. I pray you go down big time with someone beating the shit out of you. I’m only 4’11’ and can’t fight my way out of a paper bag or I’d do it. I do have one helluva mouth piece that could kill you with my words.

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