Brian Stelter Bashed Fox for Hiring Sanders & Hired McCabe the Next Day


After CNN’s Brian Stelter ranted about Fox News hiring Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former Trump press secretary, they hired Andrew McCabe. They rewarded one of the authors of the Russiagate conspiracy. What has happened to our country?

Andrew McCabe

Rep. Mark Meadows expressed it well when he tweeted: Andrew McCabe: fired for lying to the FBI, caught by the Inspector General for unauthorized media leaks, and—worst of all—one of the ring-leaders in spreading the debunked and disastrous “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory.

Former Acting Attorney General Andrew McCabe repeatedly lied. He’s a known liar who the DOJ Inspector General said should be investigated for lying under oath several times. He also leaked.

Guy Benson commented on Twitter: McCabe was fired for repeatedly lying to federal investigators under penalty of perjury & referred for prosecution by the IG…CNN hired an established liar because he hates Trump. The high horse has been put out to pasture.

Watch the next clip to see what Stelter had the nerve to say about Sarah Sanders. He’s even filled with hate over Sean Spicer competing on Dancing with the Stars. He’s stirring up the boycotters and the hate mob.

How does CNN have any credibility? Sarah Sanders is a credible person. McCabe lied under oath.

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