Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Is a Psycho FemiNazi Thief


Scrawny woman, an unlikely strong man

FemiNazi racist [not a fan of white men] Brie Larson, who plays the titular character, thinks her film, Captain Marvel, is “diverse and intersectional,” and it’s about “equality.” She says “it’s about overcoming suppression.” Her mother taught her to “own herself” and “be herself” which is a “big part about what this film is about.”

Marvel has introduced identity politics into the film according to those who have seen the film. The one scene below bolsters that criticism.

Interest in Marvel is going down and most attribute it to Brie Larson. She is not the fun superhero we’re used to, she’s a nasty FemiNazi thief.

Captain Marvel used to be a hero, but no more. Watch this scene that the writers and Larson think does them proud. She looks more like a psycho criminal:

That scene simply does not work. We haven’t seen the movie and perhaps the rest of the movie redeems it, but we’ll never know. It is indoctrinating the youth in a very bad way.

At the same time that extremist FemiNazis are ruining the world, men are demonized and we are supposed to believe in “toxic masculinity.” Listen to this brief clip from Professor Jordan Peterson:

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