Brief Look at the Democrat Socialist Party Poised to Transform America


“The American people would never vote for socialism,… [but] under the name of liberalism [nowadays rebranded as progressivism], the American people would adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day, America will be a socialist nation without even knowing how it happened.” ~ Norman Thomas, 1927

It is to everyone’s advantage to read an article at American Thinker, Time to Rebrand the Democratic Party as Socialists. The article goes quickly through the history of the transformation of the Democrat Party. It’s important because it shows people what they are dealing with. The Democrats are Socialists are Progressives are liberals, who not only accept a socialist platform, they will tear people apart to put it in place.

Once Socialist or Communist, it’s permanent. There will be no turning back. History has proven that.


“Socialism seeks to pull down the wealth; liberalism seeks to rise up poverty.” ~ Winston Chruchill

Briefly, to summarize the article, Liberalism after Napolean, stood for freedom of speech, religion and free elections. On the other hand, Socialism demands economic equality and puts the people – allegedly – in control of all means of production. Over time, Liberalism saw value in the idea of economic equality although it is diametrically opposed to individual liberty.

As a result, the Democrat [Socialist] Party chose to incrementally dismantle the Judeo-Christian principles and transform the nation through education, media, the arts and literature at the same time Communists began to infiltrate the heart of U.S. society.

The Democrats endorsed myriad Socialist policies, including the welfare state and extremism in racial relations. Everything is “free” and individuals are no longer valued, only collectivism is valued.

Franklin Roosevelt’s Economic Bill of Rights, rooted in Soviet theory, finished the job. Democrats bought into it fully.


Democrats are now running Socialist boot camps for future political leaders who will be far to the left of the ones we see today. Democrats are running hundreds of Marxists for political office around the country. George Soros is spending millions on small elections to influence local and state govenrments.

The party platform in the last election matched that of Communist Party USA. These are people who want to jail opponents if the disagree on climate extremism.

They are the party of statism, the enslavers. Their ideology promotes slavery, Jim Crow laws and control of the people. They want to decide as a collective what people will think, what they will eat, how they live, where they live, and what they are allowed to do.

President Trump gave us a brief respite from the onslaught, but he’s under siege in a way never before seen. That’s because of who these people are.


“I no longer need to run as a Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.” ~ Norman Thomas, 1944

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino told Brian Kilmeade on Fox News:

“You know, Brian, if I was Donald Trump right now I would be pretty ticked off. First he’s spied on by the Obama administration in what was the most elaborate espionage scheme against a political candidate, using police-state tactics that I’ve ever seen.

Secondly, he’s subject to government witch hunt for a collusion fairy tale that nobody can seem to prove.

Now this is what — as a former federal agent let me tell you this, and let me warn the entire audience here. Here is the frightening thing about government witch hunts; they always find a witch.

They are going to find something if this continues, Brian, and this should really disturb everyone. And where are the liberals on this by the way, the civil liberties advocates. They are — they seemed to have embraced the police state fully at this point.”

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