Brief Summary of a Very Fiery CNN-Telemundo Debate



Fox News was completely annoying after the debate. Chris Stirewalt on The Kelly File claimed Rubio was the winner, they acted as if Cruz and Trump didn’t exist, and Kelly said some Evangelical leaders are going to switch from Cruz to Rubio. They are all in on Rubio.

The debate was WWF for politics.

If you had trouble dealing with the debate, we are offering this suggestion to help you out. The debate turned into a brawl. Interrupting, shouting, unintelligible rants with a moderator who was asea became the scene on several occasions as Rubio and Cruz took shots at Trump and Trump belted back.

There were some very annoying people in the audience with one woman screaming every few minutes (a Rubio supporter).

It’s hard to know why Dr. Ben Carson and Governor John Kasich are allowed to take up debate time when their poll numbers are in the low single-digits. They took valuable time from the three viable candidates though Dr. Carson did not get all that much time. At one point he joked, “Could somebody attack me, please.” Any time someone was attacked, they were able to rebut.

Trump was not able to talk about policy but he got some good shots in. When Cruz said Trump can’t beat Hillary in the polls, Trump said, “Hey, if I can’t beat her, you’re really going to get killed, aren’t you?”

Rubio and Cruz took it to him on this tenth debate but Trump just repeated vague generalizations. Rubio and Cruz had excellent debates but it won’t sway Trump people. As Trump said, he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and it wouldn’t matter.

The back-and-forth over what Rubio said in Spanish about DACA is easily explained and it’s not worth the time that has been spent on it. Both Rubio and Cruz were right in the way they phrase their statements. Rubio now says he will end DACA his first day in his office but it’s not what he said in Spanish.

The DACA flip-flop:

Trump repeatedly said he will make America great again and it sounded eerily like hope and change.

The only thing I noticed about John Kasich was he’d make Christians bake cakes for gay marriages and he believes in Big Government for everything. As far as Dr. Carson, what was most noticeable was his ongoing complaints about not being called on. When he started talking, he didn’t stop. Carson tried to demonstrate foreign policy credentials but it’s too late for him.

On Justices, Trump said he is a deal maker. Do we want a deal when we select justices?

Ted Cruz went after Trump when Trump said he’d pick a conservative Supreme Court nominee because he has been liberal for so long and has given so much money to hardcore liberals. Trump responded by blaming Cruz for John Roberts being on the Supreme Court and then demanded an apology for Cruz criticizing his sister. That wasn’t true – no criticism.

Cruz said he will never apologize for defending the Constitution or the bill of rights and pointed out that Harry Reid himself suggested he’d rather have Trump because he knows he can make a deal with Trump on a Supreme Court nominee.

Trump tried to make Rubio look pitiful because he repeated himself two weeks ago when Christie went after him. Rubio mocked him for his frequent repetitions.

Ted Cruz addressed the Obamacare-universal healthcare issue. Trump said he never said everyone would get healthcare paid for by the government, which was not true. He did say it. He again said he loves Planned Parenthood though not abortion.

The Cruz-Trump exchange was very revealing.

Where was Donald Trump when the gang of eight was pushing through amnesty, Cruz asked? And he answered it, He was funding the people who support it.

Rubio took on Trump for hiring illegal immigrants but Trump turned that into him being the only one who hired anyone.

Cruz stated his position on citizenship.

Trump said he is “Israel’s biggest supporter but I’m also totally neutral.”

Cruz hit Trump on being neutral with Palestine and Israel. Cruz will not subscribe to moral equivalence and he will stand unequivocally with Israel.

The issue of the university fraud cases against Trump was brought up by Cruz but Trump said it’s a nothing case. The case is over Trump University and Trump said something to the effect that he wins most of them. It was a Cruz moment.

Rubio called it a “fake university.”

Cruz said that while he was fighting immigration reform in 2013, Trump “was firing Dennis Rodman on Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump countered with “I get along with everybody. You get along with nobody. You don’t have one Republican senator backing you. Not one. And you work with them every day of your life….You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Rubio also hit Trump for his anti-Israel position and elaborated on the failure of the Palestinians to agree to a deal and the abuse by Hamas. He too will be on Israel’s side every day because they are the only democracy.

Trump said he’s a negotiator and Rubio can’t negotiate. Rubio said Israel and Palestine are not a real estate deal.

Cruz said Trump showed very poor judgment on foreign policy. He supported anti-Israel politicians who undermine Israel.

We had the liar, liar, liar intermission with Trump starting out by calling Cruz a liar.

Trump couldn’t respond so he called Rubio a “choke artist” and Cruz a “liar.”

Cruz responded by saying Trump has been called “malleable” and he accused Trump of lying. Trump went back to the tired, alleged “dirty tricks” against Carson mantra.

Cruz tried to address it but Trump talked over him and said he gave Cruz’s campaign money after Cruz said he’s [Trump’s] been giving to liberal Democrats for forty years.

Cruz never took money from Trump. It wasn’t true.

Trump continually interrupted Cruz, called him a “basket case” and told him “not to get nervous.”

Trump repeated himself quite a bit. Wolf Blitzer repeatedly refused to allow anyone to respond to Trump and wouldn’t stop Trump’s filibuster. When Wolf wasn’t saving Trump, Kasich was.

Trump isn’t going to release his tax returns because he’s being audited. Cruz hit him on that and said it’s more the reason to release them if he has nothing to hide.

Rubio will not support Puerto Rican bankruptcy until they change what they are doing. He gave details to back up his statement.



  1. i’ve been following american politics and studying middle-eastern history since i was a teen-ager
    during the vietnam war. the death toll from that conflict turned something in my heart. i remember
    thinking that mr. johnson had bested mr. truman’s civilian casualties by a factor of ten and the folks
    who live there must think we’re monsters. and so my entire adult life i’ve been apolitical; which is to
    say i always vote the general based on which candidate is most likely to kill the least people.

    so along these lines i have to point out, what was to me, the most inadvertently ironic (if not freudian)
    talking point of the spectacle: “…Rubio said Israel and Palestine are not a real estate deal.”

    the palestinian conflict has always and only been about their land; anyone with a library card knows this…b

  2. That’s a good point and well-said of course. I know we disagree on Israel. Most wars are over land. I don’t want to go to WWIII but I want to help and protect them because they are our allies and they are the freest of nations in a dark region. I feel the same way about Egypt and Jordan. Not as sure about Saudi Arabia – they keep sending their infiltrators here.

  3. Ya Soros is now funding Rubio . He is effective, but Cruz is losing it , most idiots don’t realize he’s a liberal but he is still losing popularity simply because he is an obsessive liar and a really weird guy, creepy in fact.

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