Brilliant Analysis of Part II Mueller Report by Two Scholars


Late this morning, President Trump tweeted out a video and thanked Mark Levin. The video is of constitutional scholar Mark Levin breaking down the Mueller Report with legal scholar John Eastman on his Fox News show offered on Sunday nights, Life, Liberty, and Levin.

John C. Eastman is an American law professor and constitutional law scholar.

Levin and Eastman deal logically with the comic book-level legal case presented in Part II of the Mueller Report.

Everyone on the left is focusing on Part II since Part I exonerates the President of collusion. The analysis in the following discussion is brilliant.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

The ENTIRE mueller inquiry was based on a LIE…there NEVER was a “hack”…Russiagate was promoted by obama to deflect the WikiLeaks “dump” on hillary, which have NOT/EVER been debunked…and the only reason the inquiry gained any traction, despite its farcical nature, was because of an inept or corrupt “fourth estate”…the latter is most obvious!!!