Brit Spy/Ambassador Who Authored Anti-Trump Report Is Missing


Chris Steele, former MI-6

The British spy turned ambassador turned CEO of a security company has gone missing in fear of his life according to The Daily Mail.

Christopher Steele was hired by the DNC and the Never Trumpers before that to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. He claimed to have spoken to Russian operatives who gave him the sleazy story claiming Trump’s team worked with Russia and Trump engaged in perverse sexual acts.

Why would anyone believe anything without evidence? Moreover the report was paid for by political opponents. Additionally, it is based on information from Russian spies and we are being told Russia is trying to overturn our democracy.

Interesting Video

Morning Joe discussed it this morning though it’s no surprise that a spy whose cover is blown would have to go underground.

BRZEZINSKI: “And the former British intelligence agent who put together that controversial dossier is missing amidst the fallout. Joining us from Moscow with more, NBC News chief global correspondent Bill Neely. Bill, where did he go?”

NEELY: “Good morning, Mika. Good morning, Joe, from a cold Moscow and a story really that does sound like something from the Cold War. A former spy collecting information from Russia on a man who would be President Donald Trump tweeting this morning that these are phony allegations from a failed spy. He is furious this morning. The ex-spy, who’s British, is missing.”

NEELY (voice-over): “There are a few images of Christopher Steele, reportedly the author of an explosive report, the former spy who prefers the dark but whose cover is blown and who’s fled his home. He runs a British intelligence business with this man.”
MAN: “I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to make any comments at the moment.”

NEELY (voice-over): “And was reportedly hired by a U.S. company to investigate Donald Trump’s visits to Russia.”

The media keeps calling this pile of garbage a “dossier” or an “intelligence report” when Clapper said it is “not an intelligence report.” The media is making him out to be a serious agent when he is a paid operative of the DNC.

It’s not a “dossier”, it’s a pile of gossip. Perhaps he went missing because he knows it’s garbage.

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