Britain’s Atlantis Found After 8500 Years

The remains of Doggerland, the British Atlantis.

The fabled Atlantis is no longer just a story. It has been found.

An ancient land known as Britain’s Atlantis was swallowed by the North Sea 8500 years ago and was uncovered recently by divers from the University of St. Andrews.

The land once stretched the breadth of Northern Scotland across to Denmark and down the English Channel as far as the Channel Islands.

It had a population of tens of thousands and might have been the heart of Europe. The scientists can actually see rivers under the ocean.

Britain was not an island at the time and giant animals roamed the land.

The land became submerged very slowly from 18,000 BC to 5500 BC. As ice from the ice age melted, more land was exposed but the sea levels rose at the same time. It is believed that it was finally done in by a Tsunami.

Read more at Daily Mail and Royal Society. The Daily Mail has some fascinating information such as how the North Sea covered the land mass.


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