Britain’s Chilling Assault on Freedom And Religious Tolerance


Theresa May

Theresa May hitting at “extremism” with an attack on free speech and the free press.

Some Brits have a plan to fight hate and extremism by criminalizing beliefs that are within the law and by shutting down free speech and the free press if they – the ruling bureaucrats – decide it’s appropriate to do so.

Torys in Britain have revealed plans for a so-called Extremism Disruption Order which could have the effect of branding critics of Sharia law or same-sex marriage as extremists.

Secularists and evangelical Christians would be put in the same category as ISIS and Boko Haram under this order.

The reason for these all-encompassing new powers planned by Conservatives is meant to combat terrorism.

The Founding Fathers probably saw in Britain what we are seeing now. They can’t escape their tendency towards totalitarianism.

Atheists and Christians in The National Secular Society and the Christian Institute, who usually have opposing opinions, are united in their concerns.

It’s also an attack on the press by banning them from broadcasting news that some small group of influential people will decide does not fall within their values.

They get to define “hate” and “extremism”.

The Christian Institute is currently embroiled in another controversy with British bureaucrats in Home Counties, England.

A Christian school must invite an imam to lead assemblies or some leader from another religion to be in compliance with “British values.”

The school will lose their rating and possibly be closed if they fail to comply.

It supposedly aligns with individual liberty and tolerance while depriving Christians of freedom and showing intolerance for their beliefs. It does the same for the beliefs of Atheists for very different reasons.

The orders, unveiled by Theresa May, the Home Secretary, would allow judges to ban people deemed extremists from broadcasting, protesting and posting on Facebook or Twitter without government permission.

The Chancellor is under the misguided impression that they are eliminating extremism in all its forms with these orders and that they will curtail the activities of those who “spread hate but do not break laws.”

They will serve as thought police in a new Orwellian Britain.

Our administration has tried to inch its way into a similar totalitarian approach with attacks on religion, free speech, free press and by classifying Christians and Orthodox Jews as extremists alongside al Qaeda in the Army manual.

These orders will be in the – get this – Conservative election manifesto. They actually call it a manifesto.

Any activity that will “justify hatred” against people on the grounds of religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability, as to be decided by them, will be cause for the labeling and the ban.

Appeals to the High Court will only be allowed on points of law rather than fact.

There are plenty of laws to fight extremism and this is more about shutting down all opposition and free speech.

“Without precise legislative definitions, deciding what are ‘harmful activities of extremist individuals who spread hate’ is subjective and therefore open to abuse now or by any future authoritarian government,” according to Simon Calvert.

Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Christian Institute, said traditionalist evangelicals who criticise gay marriage or even argue that all religions are not the same could find themselves accused of extremism.

“Anyone who expresses an opinion that isn’t regarded as totally compliant with the Equality Act could find themselves ranked alongside Anjem Choudary, Islamic state or Boko Haram,” he said.

He added: “How many times a day do intellectually lazy political activists accuse their opponents of ‘spreading hatred’?

“The left does it, the right does it, liberals do it, conservatives do it, it is routine.

This order is being done under the guise of protecting freedom. How ironic and how chilling.

Subjective “rules” will criminalize Brits’ actions instead of the rule of law.

A Populus survey in London found that one in seven British adults have “warm feelings” towards ISIS. Ten percent of Londoners and one in 12 Scots view ISIS favorably with the highest levels among the under-25s.

While 88% of the public view ISIS unfavorably, 5.2% of 18 to 34-year olds gave ISIS a score of 9 or 10.

Overall 14 per cent of under-25s and 12 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds gave Islamic State a score of between six and ten, implying a degree of sympathy.

There are about 1 million Muslim settlers in London and they make up 12 percent of the population. It seems the majority of them like ISIS.

In the end, can there be freedom and religious tolerance when one religion is preferred over another, when the press is shut down?

Don’t worry, Gen. Allen has a plan.. He’s going to show Muslims how much we “profoundly respect” them and “celebrate” Islam with the goal of changing minds and hearts and eventually defeating ISIS. He is completely unaware of the fact that time is running out and long term plans are inadequate. He doesn’t understand that they don’t simply want understanding. They want to dominate the world.

The global jihad marches on. Freedom, not so much.

Source: UK Telegraph and Daniel Greenfield

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