Britain’s Prime Minister Stands by Her Anti-Trump Ambassador – Update


Update: Britain’s ambassador to the United States has resigned just days after diplomatic cables criticizing President Donald Trump were leaked.

Kim Darroch said in a letter Wednesday, “Since the leak of official documents from this Embassy there has been a great deal of speculation surrounding my position and the duration of my remaining term as ambassador,” Kim Darroch wrote in a letter released by the Foreign Office.

“I want to put an end to that speculation,” he added. “The current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like.”

Darroch said he is “grateful to all those in the UK and the US, who have offered their support during this difficult few days.”

Prime Minister Theresa May said it was a “matter of regret” that Darroch resigned.

She regrets that he resigned? People in the U.S. are offering support? That leaves me speechless.


The British are now responsible for two dossiers aimed at destroying Donald Trump. The Brits are also tied to spying on Trump volunteer George Papadopoulos. It’s hard to believe Theresa May knew nothing about it.

The first dossier was put together by former MI-6 spy Christopher Steele with Kremlin spies allegedly. His vile compilation of gossip was disproven in the Mueller report but it caused a two-year probe of the U.S. president.

Now we know there was a second dossier by London’s ambassador to D.C. — Kim Darroch.

Darroch’s dossier showed up in the Daily Mail this past weekend and was filled with hate-filled anti-Trump allegations and insults. It was replete with unverified suppositions and ad hominem attacks. That seems to be a favored approach of Trump haters who seek to destroy him. Darroch even repeated the Democrat talking point that President Trump was indebted to Russia.

The US-UK ambassador’s dossier included two years of secret cables he took to the Foreign Office. It had to be handed out to the British leaders, including May.

That could have been and must have been very damaging to the Trump-May relationship.

Mr. Trump declared he was no longer dealing with Mr. Darroch and he disinvited him from a dinner with the emir of Qatar Monday night.

The President said Darroch hasn’t served Britain well but Theresa May said she stands by Darroch. She is supporting him.

The only thing she seems concerned about is the fact that it was leaked.

Then there is George Papadopoulos who encountered at least two FBI spies, professor Stefan Halper and a supposed associate in London, as he worked in 2016 to try to set up a Trump-Kremlin meeting.

Papadopoulos thinks other spies were sent to approach him with the help of the British spy service.

If the Brits were spying on a candidate and a President, helping the Obama administration spying, they need to be exposed. This must never happen again. They tried to influence U.S. politics to favor the left.

“The US-UK scandal that is going to hit headlines this week is about the MI6, in coordination with the CIA, running Stefan Halper at me in London,” Papadopoulos tweeted after the Darroch story broke.

We have heard repeatedly that the Obama administration enlisted the Five Eyes to spy on Trump.

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