Britain’s Version of Obamacare Is About to Collapse


Healthcare marks the first step in the ballooning progressive state which has no transparency, no local control and lots of corruption. With the government involved, the costs will keep going up because there are no checks and balances.

Look to the UK health system for our future and weep.

Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of NHS England recently said the health service needs a “complete transformation” to make it less reliant on hospitals. GP surgeries need more resources and are not meeting the demand.

If changes aren’t made, England “may be forced to abandon free care for all.”

A watchdog agency has been reporting since 2013 that the UK healthcare system is on the brink of collapse.

Many patients, especially the elderly, end up in the hospital for emergencies because they weren’t seen sooner.

The totalitarian solution is more totalitarianism!

David Prior, head of the Care and Quality Commission (CQC) said in 2013 that the solution is cutting emergency-care beds and diverting the funds to community care. He also demanded that doctors again be available for patients around-the-clock. “Primary care is in bad shape. I think GPs ought to be responsible 24/7,” the totalitarian mucky-muck said.

He said that there is no market in the British healthcare system, especially in rural areas, which means the hospitals are the only place patients can go.

Prior noticed it’s a market failure but that’s because there is no real market.

The reason they don’t have GPs is because of their Progressive system.

The emergency-care beds had already been reduced by a third and there were lines out the door waiting for beds.

“The patient or resident is the weakest voice in the system,” Prior said.

Stats show that 1 in 10 patients are hurt avoidably by NHS hospitals each year and in some, about 20%, there are reports of “appalling” care. Another 20% are coasting but “not doing terribly well.”

NHS and social services spend a lot of time trying to decide who gets stuck with the bill.

Nothing has changed since 2013. It’s only grown worse.

A lack of nurses is causing a “crisis” in community care.

Sir Keogh told the Guardian, “If the NHS continues to function as it does now, it’s going to really struggle to cope because the model of delivery and service that we have at the moment is not fit for the future.”  A “complete transformation” of the way it operates is needed.

“Too many patients find the NHS fragmented (and) confusing. They find that they get pushed from pillar to post; they feel like a ball in a pinball machine at times,” Keogh said.

report published on April 8th revealed widespread inequities and a lack of services for non-cancer patients. The poorer they are, the worse the care. Untold numbers get no help for pain.

The Conservative Hideout posted information from Doug Ross’ Journal and The Commentator that we should be aware of because it will happen here. NHS is so short on resources that they treat some patients in car parks.

Treatment of foreigners is taking from citizens, they report. That is what the Obama administration wants here too. He continually finds ways to provide healthcare for foreigners, especially illegal ones.

Britain apparently has an HIV and Hepatitis B tourism issue.

The commentator author Vincent Cooper reports that Nigel Farage is the only leader in Britain who dared broach the topic for discussion. He is considered “crass.”

“Consider this fact. Public Health England estimates that of the almost 108,000 people who are HIV positive, almost 60,000 are from Africa. The cost to the NHS of anti-retroviral drug treatment for these African health tourists is well over £1 billion annually and rising, as more and more Africans and others hear about what’s on offer from the tax payer.”

It’s not only healthcare, it’s housing, welfare services and whole host of other expenses that fall on the British taxpayers. They also pay for abortions, something this administration has been pushing.

The Obama administration wants everything for “free” at the expense of the working poor, from elective surgeries like abortions and transgender surgeries to nose bleeds. He sees no place for personal responsibility in healthcare, just government power.

That’s the Progressive state of which we are now a part.

What is happening in Britain is happening here. We only have some catching up to do.

Democratic Senator Max Baucus said this about Obamacare: “I just see a huge train wreck coming down.”  He was Chairman of the Finance Committee at the time. Progressive healthcare systems are train wrecks. There is no other way to look at them.

Sources: NHS UKThe Conservative HideoutDoug Ross’ Journal and The Commentator