British Parliament Proves the Revolutionary War Was the Right Thing to Do


A handout video grab taken from footage

One left-wing Scottish woman – ONE – was able to get 570,000 names on a petition to ban Trump from the UK and that required Parliament to debate the issue. Most wanted him banned for his free speech or insulted him for it, labeling it hate speech.

Trump said he wants a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States. Trump said he loves Muslims and has lots of them working for him, some are his friends.

Donald Trump was branded a “buffoon, demagogue and wazzock” by MPs, the telegraph reported. They are setting themselves up as the PC police of the world. This from the  country that has 85 Shariah courts and lets in any loon who wants to come in. They can’t seem to even deport any radical Islamic maniac.

Kwazi Kwarteng, one of a relatively small number of black members of Parliament and an America hater, notes that the debate has been “sanitized” because it has ignored the long tradition of nativism and xenophobia in U.S. history.

In addition to British members of Parliament calling Trump “a buffoon” and “a demagogue,”  they called him “a joke.” One member called him “an idiot” about five times in three minutes.

This makes me want to vote for Trump.

Philip Davies, a Conservative, accused those who want to stamp out intolerance of being intolerant themselves…“We should apologize to the people of the United States,” he said. “It’s for them to decide, not us.”

Ahmed-Sheikh said that by condemning Muslims, Trump has condemned Britain’s Olympic athletes, its newscasters and its members of Parliament. And he’s playing into the Islamic State’s narrative, by portraying a clash of civilizations between the West and the Muslim worlds. Others have been banned for anti-gay rhetoric or for Islamist extremism. The government needs to be consistent, and ban Trump for his hateful rhetoric against Muslims. “His remarks are condemning an entire religion,” she says.

Trump never condemned Muslims Ahmed.

Naz Shah, a Labour member, brought up the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. who, she says, “deserves more recognition today than does Donald Trump.” She said the way to defeat Trump is to “challenge him with goodness.” As a Muslim woman, she would be banned from the United States under Trump’s plan. But she won’t support banning him from the United Kingdom. Instead, she wants to invite him to Bradford, “the curry capital of Britain.” She would serve him food and take him to the mosque, she said.

British Home Affairs Minister Jack Dromey said “ISIS needs Donald Trump” and Trump needs ISIS. He wants to keep him a thousand miles from their shores because he doesn’t like what he said.


This is one Tasmina Sheikh:

Tulip Siddiq, a Labour member from north London, said she supports keeping Trump out, saying, “I draw the line at freedom of speech when it imports a violent ideology.”

Why go on. They call Trump crazy but they’re crazy. They prove his point and support our understanding of free speech.

If so-called “hate speech” is banned, who gets to define it? Their definition is that it’s anything they don’t like.

It’s a good thing we fought and won our freedom from these twits.

What Mr. Trump actually said was that he wanted to ban Syrian Muslims TEMPORARILY until we could find out what was going on since terrorists have promised to infiltrate their groups.

The Washington Post says that Trump was pummeled by the British Parliament but they forgot the mention it’s the leftist, anti-free speech, petty bureaucrat British Parliament.

It probably helps Trump. The Britishers involved looked like fools. They want to ban someone for putting American’s safety over foreigners who are infiltrated with terrorists.

We wouldn’t want to do that!

Paul Flynn, the Labour member who led off the outrageous diatribe against free speech actually said we “have seen Parliament at its very best. They’ve seen a diverse debate from a diverse Parliament,” he said.

No, no, we think you’re ridiculous.

The British are going to destroy themselves. Here are a few brief clips for their entertainment value.

Ronald Reagan visited the British Parliament in 1982 and told them what I envision the Founding Fathers telling them that “if history teaches anything, it teaches self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly.”

They didn’t ban him in the end. He does have a lot of investments in the UK.


  1. When you say “The British” want to ban Trump, I assume you know the opinion of at least 51% of the population. Otherwise, I might think you were assuming that some left-wing MPs and their right-on, sheep-like followers represented all of us. Most British(or at least English) couldn’t give two hoots. We ARE a bit pissed off that a few knobs presume to deny entry to a law abiding citizen from a friendly power.
    Careful with your broad-brush approach. We know that Americans’ opinions can be dismissed because of the likes of Jesse Jackson and we know you’re all nuts over Obama. As for these losers, parliamentary democracy HAS to allow them their say…..unfortunately. Tell me it ain’t so in the US.

      • Forget “all”- it’s not even a “reasonable percentage” of British who feel this way. The would-be banners are made up of the usual suspects- black and muslim pressure groups (pretty sure you’re used to those state side), socialist self-loathers and liberal wankers. As you alluded to in the article, the UK Parliament HAS to debate issues which attract 100,000 signatures on a petition. This is normally due to public concern, but can be hijacked by organised political movements, such as the left.

        The vast majority of English people either couldn’t care less about Trump, or would think it was fine for him to come here. A growing number are not only getting fed up with PC censorship, but are also prepared to vocalise their opposition. There is hope for the future, just so long as we leave the EU (something your political class definitely do NOT want us to do BTW).

        • I’m very happy to hear there is a growing number of English people getting fed up with PC censorship – you can’t imagine how happy. I thought they were losing their minds as so many Americans are. Thank you for the information. The reason we have Trump in the lead is PC and Barack Obama.

          I’d love to see the UK leave the EU. Freedom can’t be found in the EU set up.

  2. The Socialist left only supports free speech as long as it coincides with socialist PC thinking – as if there was any thought involved. Whilst we are on the subject of hate speech, why is not the Koran banned? after all it is full of passages that invoke the Muslim to befriend the infidel and then kill him/her. It also promotes behaviour that would be illegal in non-muslim countries (paedophilia, killing homosexuals etc.) If you go to Saudi you cannot take a bible or a crucifix with you and Christian countries shou;ld ban the Koran in fair retaliation. Until there is a Muslim Reformation whereby the offensive (to Christians, Jews and Homosexuals ) bits are removed, Islam will always be immiscible with Western culture. Regardless, there will be a backlash to the current rediculous situation and there will be blood spilled in western cities. Trump is right to shut the door whilst carefully assessing the situation.

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