British Prime Minister Gets a Pink Slip


British Prime Minister Gets a Pink Slip
By Temerity Forthright

During a speech at the end of a 4-day Conservative Party conference in Manchester, England, British Prime Minister Theresa May was handed a pink slip.

Prime Minister May delivered a speech which she struggled to finish because she was losing her voice. She repeatedly coughed, cleared her throat, sipped water, and took throat lozenges, but it was obvious she was having difficulty finishing her speech.

During her speech, a conference attendee named Simon Brodkin approached the podium and handed PM Theresa May a Form “P45.” It is equivalent to a pink slip. She took the form, placed it under the podium, and continued with her speech.

Brodkin, a comedian using the name Lee Nelson, had proper conference credentials. He was escorted out of the auditorium by security, arrested for breach of the peace, and later released. An investigation into the security snafu has been launched.

Brodkin told the Prime Minister, “Boris told me to give you this.” He was referring to Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. The former mayor of London has been a controversial figure in British politics.

The conference continued and Theresa May had enough of a voice to slam her political rival, Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. She said she didn’t want to talk about his past, but about his future. May also said she wanted to hand Corbyn a P45.

May’s difficulty in delivering her speech was seen as analogous to her difficulty in delivering Brexit to Great Britain. Prime Minister May had called for an early general election in June and was dealt a stunning loss of the majority of her Conservative Party after a strong showing by Corbyn’s Labor Party.

At the end of her 65-minute speech, in what is seen as a metaphor of her leadership, the letters of the sign behind her, “Building a country that works for everyone,” started falling off the wall.

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