Brock-Soros Plan Exactly: 9th Circuit Rules Against President Trump


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The appeals court refused to reinstate the Trump travel order. The decision was made based on the foreign students not even in the country who have no constitutional rights. The court believes it would affect the colleges’ ability to run their schools. For that reason, they upheld the state of Washington’s standing.

Three West Coast judges get to decide the national security for the entire nation while usurping the authority of the President of the United States.

Do you remember voting for these three guys?

The 9th Circuit takes in the entire West and no one has a chance in that court unless they are on the left. Look at the states these leftists control:

Ninth Circuit Districts
1. Alaska
2. Arizona
3. Central District of California
4. Eastern District of California
5. Northern District of California
6. Southern District of California
7. Guam
8. Hawaii
9. Idaho
10. Montana
11. Nevada
12. Northern Mariana Islands
13. Oregon
14. Eastern District of Washington
15. Western District of Washington

This cannot be allowed. It’s out of control judicial activism.

A judge must not be able to shut down a constitutional and legal executive order based on him disagreeing with it as Judge Robart has done. He doesn’t have the information or the security briefings the President has nor does he have the authority.

The 9th Circuit judges are Judges Clifton, Canby, and Friedland.

During the presentation of the case, Judge Clifton did not see it as a ban against  Muslims, but then later said President Trump did say he wanted a Muslim ban while on the campaign trail. What citizen Trump said during the campaign should have nothing to do with this ban.

Leftists Susan Rice and [Hanoi] John Kerry addressed the court and told these left-wing judges of the 9th Circuit on Monday that the ban cannot be justified. These two as leaders can’t be justified.

It’s so adorable how the leftists out there say the judges care about the law and not politics.

When the judiciary oversteps, it’s corruption.

James Robert not only deserved to be criticized by President Trump, he deserves to be impeached. He knows he overreached.

Daily Caller recently cited a ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States stating that “it is no part of [a State’s] duty or power to enforce [its citizens’] rights in respect of their relations with the federal government.”

In addition the inviolable power over immigration is that of Congress, not some judge in Washington or San Francisco. Congress granted power to the President to restrict immigration by enacting 8 U.S.C. 1182(f).

At least 80% of the left-wing 9th Circuit’s decisions are overturned on appeal. They’re activists, not judges.

President Trump responded.

Additionally, as an aside, LawNewz reports that 283 law professors and legal clinicians are joining the battle to keep foreign students in the U.S. It should be noted that we don’t keep track of foreigners on student visas.

The Republicans have to start passing laws to sidestep this kind of thing. If judges can decide against the President on this issue, when he is clearly in the right, they can decide anything, stop anything.

The Brock-Soros plan called for exactly this. The leftists will put every action by the President into the courts and make it impossible for him to get anything done.

The entire outline of a plan to destroy Donald J. Trump and other Republicans was presented at a January meeting with about 100 deep-pocketed leftists. The plan was devised by David Brock, a dirty tricks guy who is a worker for George Soros and his agenda. The goal is to make certain the President fails by badgering him day and night with, in many cases, false and contrived attacks on a daily basis. The ultimate goal is impeachment.

The 44-page confidential memo describes a relentless multi-pronged approach. Following is only the outline.

Full David Brock Confidential Memo On Fighting Trump by Joe on Scribd

Alan Dershowitz said the President will win in court.

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7 years ago

The key point for everybody to know about the United States Court Appeals for the Ninth Circuit’s opinion regarding President Donald Trump’s Executive Order regarding immigration, is that the three judges failed to discuss, or even acknowledge the existence of, the primary law that supports President Trump’s Executive Order According to the law, President Trump maintains complete authority to restrict entry of immigrants from designated countries based on the McCarran—Walter Act and Obama used an Executive Order to do the same thing when he had the Russian diplomats removed from the US.

7 years ago

A Liberal court making law instead of enforcing it…9th Circus will, once again, be overturned