Bronstein’s Esquire Article About “The Shooter” Lives On In Deceit

Phil Bronstein
Phil Bronstein

Phil Bronstein has turned his faux Esquire article into a crusade for better conditions for elite forces. He said the SEAL told him repeatedly that it is not about him, it is about making the situation better for the SEALs in the service now. If you are unfamiliar with the story, get the background information here.

Shall we take – at face value – Mr. Bronstein’s motives and his apparently deliberate deceptions? This SEAL is being used or maybe not.

This morning on Fox & Friends, Mr. Bronstein was asked about what amounts to lies in his articles concerning the SEAL who said  he didn’t know what benefits were available to him. The response from Bronstein, which was on behalf of the SEAL, so he could remain removed from the lies, was that the SEAL didn’t expect constant deployments when he signed up.

In other words, he did not address the specific misinformation. He did not address the fact that the SEAL said he didn’t know what his benefits would be and he did. He did not address the fact that the SEAL lied by omission about not having healthcare for five years after he left the service. He lied about the fact that he was given a complete rundown of what he was giving up and what he earned before he separated.

I know this information is given to our military because two of my sons were marines. They were told ad nauseum what they were eligible for, which includes education and healthcare after you leave, at least that is true for those who serve in combat.

Bronstein and the SEAL are pursuing the crusade in Congress and in public. Do I smell a book deal and attacks on the military out of this? The president has said he wants to unionize the military – a horrible thought. Could that be an outcome?

Fox supported Bronstein this morning as did the WSJ print edition. No one is outraged by the lies or calling Bronstein on them.

Bronstein is a Hollywood journalist who hangs out with Hollywood stars and has been married to one – Sharon Stone. He is also tied into Hearst papers and the Examiner. Might they all be in awe? Bronstein is untouchable. He can say anything he wants.

The SEALs service is commendable and no one can take that away from him.

I don’t know who this SEAL is and his motives might be honorable, but maybe not.

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