‘Bronx’ Blatherer AOC Mocks Brooklyn for Having Too Many Whites


Chic Socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who calls herself AOC on Twitter, spent most of her life in upscale Yorktown Heights but likes to pretend she is a Bronx girl as in tenement. This week, she provoked people on Twitter after she made fun of Brooklynites as too white.

She herself went to white, upscale schools.

It started when the CEO of Glitch, Anil Dash, tweeted that “2019 is gonna be the Bronx’s year” because of the success of foul-mouthed rapper Cardi B and congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. Both were born in the Bronx, and their success allegedly reflects on the entire Bronx.

Alexandria OMao-Cortez responded by first claiming the Bronx is “seizing the throne” and then mocked Brooklyn for its abundance of white hipsters.

She never shuts up on Twitter.


Alex has a lot of trouble with whites, especially if they don’t pretend to be impoverished as she does. This divisive language is disgusting.

She later posted this:

Her district is comprised of foreigners and poor for the most part.


She later picked a fight with Rep. Steve Scalise, the Minority Whip.

He wisely cut off the blathering lass.