Brooklyn, Where the Call to Prayer Pierces through the City Noises Hourly


Brooklyn alone now has 30 mosques, and in Downtown Brooklyn, some mosques are dueling for attention by blasting the call to prayer every hour. The piercing sound can be heard across Atlantic Avenue and a third of Brooklyn. Some Mosques amplify the call five times a day.

Barack Obama said, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”. To many of us, it is not. Instead, it reminds us it is a dramatic and unwelcome shift in our culture. Islam isn’t only a religion, it is a social and political scheme to keep people tied to it.

Islamists are getting special privileges Christians and Jews don’t have. The communist mayor Bill de Blasio wants to destroy our culture and make New York an open globalist city without any lingering memory of its Christian-Judeo founding. This falls right in line with his plan.

There are rules for churches ringing bells but not for Mosques. Neighbors say it’s too loud and that it is.

The booming call to prayer is their statement that they are taking over. That is what their religion believes — convert everyone, whether they like it or not.

Here they are praying in Brooklyn.


  1. A Muslim should never be allowed to hold public office in this country. Muslims are bound by Sharia law to follow Islam. Islam and Sharia law are not compatible with our Constitution, our laws and our freedoms. We cannot assimilate people who are hostile, demanding and conquering. NEVER vote for a Muslim.
    If any Christian organization were to use loud speakers for call to prayers, the Muslims and the crybaby liberals would demand they immediately cease. The non-Muslims should file suit against these Mosques that the calls to prayers are offensive. Use the same tacticts that the Muzzies and left-wing crybaby liberals use against others.

    • Exactly right. But no consensus from the NYC mayor, council, police or anyone in charge. they are all on the same corrupt, koolaide drinking binge of communism. Brooklyn and the boroughs are a third world country now. its too late.

  2. Surely there are noise ordinances on the books, even in a third world sh*thole like Brooklyn . Equal enforcement of the law without regard to race, sex, religion, etc. When did that go away?

  3. I have ZERO sympathy for the idiotic denizens of NYC. They fall ALL OVER THEMSELVES to elect most extreme Leftists they can find, who will PLY them with “free” entitlements and rule with emotion instead of wisdom. THEY ARE LIVING THE LIFE THEY REQUESTED! This is what their Liberal-Progressive Utopia looks like. Now they have to deal with it.

    • I mean…they’ve kind of already done that. The government pretty much rules to protect Muslim interests over American interests…so…?

      • They are an infestation….and the people who introduced it are working on another infestation to the South….now you know how the natives must have felt…your culture, heritage and your very being is on the chopping block courtesy your friendly neighbourhood democrat and rino…

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