Brotherhood Dem with Ties to Communist Party Wins the Minnesota Primary for AG


Days after domestic abuse allegations against him surfaced, Keith Ellison won the Primary, defeating four other Democrats. He will likely go on to become the Minnesota Attorney General, a lawless one. As of last month, he reportedly didn’t have an active law license so he could be an AG without a law license.

Scott Johnson reported on Powerlineblog this morning:

Keith Ellison challenged the endorsed DFL candidate for attorney general — “gay millennial” Matt Pelikan. Ellison is a hustler and a demagogue who is monumentally unfit for the office of attorney general in particular. He is a big fan of cop killers, as I show this morning in the long Weekly Standard column “Can Keith Ellison turn lawman?” This is a vastly underreported story with respect to which word should get out one way or another. Please pass it on.

Ellison has walked around with a T-shirt demanding the elimination of borders. The potentially new attorney general will prevent law enforcement from cooperating with ICE since he tries to do it now.

A fan of hatemonger Louis Farrakhan, he has met with radical Islamists overseas. His ties to radical Islamists are well-known.He has been caught in several lies, even about his ties to Farrakhan and the Islamists. He is anti-Semitic.

Any law trying to ban sharia law which is in conflict with the Constitution is religious persecution. He actively supports the groups who want to destroy America and the Constitution with sharia law.

The current Democratic National Committee Vice Chair appears to support Antifa although he is subtle about it.

Ellison has deep ties to the Communist Party.

He fully supports open borders and strongly believes we must rebuild the Third World, saying the U.S. must “rebuild the part of the world that so many of us rely on to get everything from cheap flowers to cheap strawberries, cheap this to cheap that”.

Ellison is big on freebies and believes in free healthcare, and has praised Cuban and Russian healthcare.

Most relevant to his position, he has made it clear he is out to destroy a sheriff who helps ICE. He wants to abolish ICE.

This is who the Democratic Party is now. This is what they want for America because they hate the traditional USA.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Hatred on steroids, he will turn his state into a crime infested one like Chicago.

Joe America
Joe America
5 years ago

Only In Minnesota would they elect a communist that absolutely hates America to the position of attorney general with the absence of any law degree. But, then again their last vanquished US Senator was a former professional comedian.

5 years ago

What does it say about a “Judicial System” when law enforcement in any form is politically based. It says “Justice” is not “blind” but based upon political aspirations. No wonder Justice is seen as so very unequal. One will get a slap on the wrist while another will receive life, and the many variants in between.