Broward Officials Didn’t Even Follow Lax Obama Rules in the Cruz Case


Nikolas Cruz had a long list of serious infractions but no criminal record. The school district in Broward County and the Sheriff’s office adopted the lax Obama-era disciplinary rules aimed at keeping minorities out of prison.

Nikolas tore up a bathroom in 2013 and was placed in the Promise Program, but even after he didn’t show up, nothing happened. The program rules require he go before a judge but that referral never took place.

He should have been hauled before Judge Elijah Williams of the Broward County Delinquency Division, and yet there is no record that it ever happened, based on what the district has released, according to Timothy Sternberg, a former assistant principal who helped run Promise from 2014-17, The Washington Times reports.

“There’s negligence here because no one ever followed up,” Mr. Sternberg told the Washington Times.

The Promise Program lets the offending student start with scratch after each infraction unlike the way it works in the real world.

“When you look at the discipline data, it’s not progressive,” said Mr. Sternberg, who sat on the committee. “It’s a one-day [suspension], and then he does the infraction again, and he gets another one-day. There’s no progression of discipline whatsoever.”

As a result, “With the child, it does create a false sense of ‘I can do this and nothing’s going to really happen to me,’” he said.

Remarkably, the program and the failed disciplinary procedures continue today.

Superintendent Runcie has not commented and continues in his job.

Nikolas Cruz had a long history of violence with the mother frequently calling the police. The Broward sheriffs knew he fantasized about shooting up a school. So did the FBI. So did the school.

Cruz’s brother Zachary  trespassed on the school grounds, was arrested, and then violated probation. He has been taken under the wing of a sketchy company called Libre by Nexus.

He will be given free housing, a job, and a new start.

The company sponsoring Cruz has been accused of preying on undocumented immigrants and is under investigation by a federal agency and three states for its business practices.


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