Bruce Ohr Met With Steele, Simpson 13 Times, Then Briefed Comey


Rep. Jim Jordan was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo Sunday and summed up FBI agent Bruce Ohr’s role in the dossier scam. Adam Schiff, a liar, and a leaker, has been giving pressers to say Bruce Ohr was a minor player in the dossier affair. The dossier was used to secure a spy warrant. Jordan straightened out that lie.

The dossier was a series of memos put together by Trump-hating former British spy Christopher Steele and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s DNC and her campaign via Fusion GPS.


Jordan is the ranking Republican member of the House Oversight Committee. He reported that during his testimony, Bruce Ohr revealed that he met with Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson thirteen times. Then he went back and debriefed the FBI — James Comey and others.

When Bruce Ohr was deposed, he shared three key facts with the FBI. First of all, Fusion was connected to the Clinton campaign and they put the dossier — the opposition research — together. Ohr’s wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS. And, lastly, the person Fusion hired, Christopher Steele has a deep bias against the President.

“Bruce Ohr met and talked with Chris Steele and Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS, multiple times, and after each and every encounter he had with Christopher Steele he went directly to the FBI and briefed them on what that conversation was about. At least 13 times he did that,” Jordan said.

This was even after Steele was terminated by the FBI, and it was Hillary’s opp research. None of this was shared with the FISC — FISA court.