Bruce Ohr Steered the Dossier into the FBI! Weissman Knew in 2016!


John Solomon, writing for the Hill, published a detailed timeline of the Russia-Trump probe with the first-hand testimony of DOJ Official Bruce Ohr. Bruce Ohr was in contact with Christopher Steele much earlier than the MSM or anyone has reported.

The day before the FBI opened the investigation on the Trump campaign [July 30, 2016], Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele meet at a restaurant to discuss what Steele compiled [the dossier]. As soon as the meeting is over and they consider what they think Steele has, Bruce Ohr calls Andy McCabe and a few days later they meet. A few days after that Bruce is meeting with Peter Strzok.

They all have issues with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The dossier that the public and Congress were told came in through normal channels was actually steered in by Bruce Ohr.

This was withheld from Congress for a long time.

Remember the Strzok “insurance policy” to get rid of Trump? This is the policy in all likelihood.

Remember Steele’s fear that the “firewalls” wouldn’t hold?

The firewalls didn’t hold.

We now know that Bruce Ohr was also in communication with sleazy Andrew Weissman who is the lead investigator on Robert Mueller’s team in 2016. In other words, Weissman was in the loop in 2016 and Robert Mueller wasn’t appointed as Special Counsel until May 17, 2017.

Shady Andrew Weissman

Muller’s appointment as Special Counsel looks pre-planned.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

This was a pre-planned coup by the Obama/Clinton to disrupt and spy on Trump. Without a doubt treasonous acts of criminality, what the hell is holding up Sessions?????