BRUTAL: Gov. Christie Just Destroyed Sen. Rubio



Gov. Christie did more than hurt Rubio’s chances to become President of the United States, he finalized the deal, or at least he attempted to shatter them.

“He’s a good guy, but he’s not ready to be President of the United States,” Christie said. He could see it and he was “glad the American people are getting to see this before they make a mistake.”

“Well, first off, I think it revealed something about what you need to be president of the United States. You have to be tested. You have to be prepared. You have to be experienced. You have to be ready. And quite frankly, that’s what I tried to show the folks last night that I am tested and prepared and ready. What I’ve been saying about Senator Rubio was on full display last night. He’s just simply not ready, Chris. He’s a good guy but he’s not ready to be president of the United States.”

Wallace asked him how he felt about doing it.

“I felt justified, because I’ve been saying this for a long time. I don’t think that people have been really listening. But the fact is there were a lot of people watching and listening last night. And it’s not about Marco Rubio. It’s about our country. It’s about the American people. We’ve had a president for seven years who was the first United States senator who never managed anything in his entire life and our government is unraveling. We have the Russians and Ukraine in Crimea. We have Syria falling apart, Libya falling apart. We have our economy growing at 0.7 percent and middle class wages are going backwards. We don’t need another on-the-job training in the White House. We need someone that has done this stuff and I’ve done it. So, what I felt last night when I was doing that was I’m glad the American people are getting to see this before they make a mistake.”


Chris Wallace asked Chris Christie how he showed leadership by taking down Rubio.

Christie said, “…And what people saw last night, millions of people saw last night was that I’m ready to be president of the United States. And —”

Wallace repeated the question.

Christie responded: “No, remember something, Chris, he tried to come at me. I answered him every time because I’ve been tested.

And, by the way, who do you want on that stage against Hillary Clinton? Do you want — do Republicans want to see someone who can absolutely answer Secretary Clinton’s every parry in a debate in September so that we actually win the presidency? Or do we want to see someone who will crumble in front of Hillary Clinton? That’s extraordinarily important. And, by the way, this is about the American people, Chris. We need an experienced president. We need a successful presidency. The American people desperately need it. And I have been tested, whether it was rebuilding my state after Hurricane Sandy or standing up to the Democratic legislature or teachers union, I’m tough enough to take on Hillary Clinton, but more importantly, tough enough to take on the problems that face the United States.”


Christie asked, “…After you saw that performance last night, do you think they should be coalescing around Marco Rubio? Do you think that’s the kind of performance, that’s the kind of leadership that we want to see on the stage against Hillary Clinton? Bottom line, Chris, is this is about the American people and changing their lives. And you know what? We need a strong, tough president. Hillary Clinton is one of the toughest political fighters in this country. And she’s going to fight like crazy.”

He added that “It’s instructive and needs to be seen.”


Jeb Bush’s Super Pac followed up with a Kick “em While He’s Down Ad. The establishment candidates have experience and they’re using it.


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