Building the Red Army Within the White House

Jose Rico, pictured with Mike Klonsky, is also a close associate of Bill Ayers

Drum roll please. Add another to Obama’s red army being paid for by your tax dollars. Where does it end?

Congress – you are irrelevant. Why are they not stepping up and protecting the American people? How is it that Congress no longer has to confirm appointees?

Jose Rico, who is out of Chicago, is Obama’s Appointed Director of White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, and is touted by the White House for his work with La Raza, an extremist organization which receives millions in taxpayer funding. Read here: WH appoints Jose Rico

La Raza has stated that they are not La Raza Unida and that they reject their goals, which are to reconquer the Southwest. La Raza claims they are not exclusionary as is La Raza Unida. Human Events, which would beg to differ, summed up La Raza here: Human Events

La Raza, while claiming to not support illegal immigration, is frequently seen taking the side of the open borders crowd, which have been recently leveling their attacks against Sheriff Arpaio. La Raza or The Race, encourages their members to join marches and rallies with other radical organizations, such as the We Are One rallies, which are nationwide communist-union rallies. Read more: LaRaza Website

Rico has proudly worked very closely with Bill Ayers and Mike Klonsky. We all know who Communist Bill Ayers is, but do you know who Mike Klonsky is? I wonder if Obama was too young to know who Klonsky is or if he’s just a guy from the neighborhood?

In Klonsky’s own words, teach the children in math class how to spread the wealth –

…Successful social justice education ensures that teachers strike a balance between debating sociopolitical problems that affect children’s lives and teaching them academic basics on which they will be tested. A science teacher can plant an urban garden, allowing students to learn about plant biology,the imbalance in how fresh produce is distributed and how that affects the health of community residents. An English teacher can explore misogyny or materialism in American culture through the lens of hip-hop lyrics. Or as Rico Gutstein, a professor of mathematics education at the University of Illinois, Chicago, suggests, a math teacher can run probability simulations using real data to understand the dynamics behind income inequality or racial profiling. These are “examples of lessons where you can really learn the math basics,” he says, “but the purpose of learning the math actually becomes an entree into, and a deeper understanding of, the political ramifications of the issue.”

Want to know more about Klonsky? He has an interesting past…Read here: Mike Klonsky, proud Commie and from SDS to Obama Blogger

Also, here is Mike with none other than Bernadine Dorn, Bill Ayers’ wonderful wife.

Terrorists, Communists, La Raza–what could be encouraging to restoring the Republic????

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