The Bundy Ranch Episode Is Resolved or Is It?



We don’t usually post information from beforeitsnews because we can never tell if its a hoax or the truth. Their website is set up to handle both. However, they have a story up today which is interesting because, if nothing else, the possibilities are concerning and not all that far-fetched. They say the Bundy ranch incident is not over and that though this was a real incident, it was also used as a test case for future operations, their article claims.

Beforeitsnews claims to have a DHS-connected  informant which I question because Obama has shut down whistleblowers quite effectively. Everything else in the article should be considered for discussion purposes.

The article claims the cattle were released with the proviso that the obligations to the Chinese be met (that would be Chinese communists since no one owns a business in China unless they are tied to the communist party.)

They say that the government used the Bundy Affair to test resistance and get a handle on what capabilities Patriots might have but they underestimated the level of resistance.  They used drones and NSA surveillance to “tag” people who went to the Bundy ranch in support. All communications were monitored. Internet exchanges were monitored. All social media supporters were tagged.

Arms and supplies were surveilled in real time by military.

The article further claims that they are doing this in advance of gun control and confiscation. The information the government gathered will be used to demonize and weaken all opposition and further the case for strict gun control.

The article refers to the fact that the media was effectively shut down but the alternative media was more powerful than expected. I did notice many pundits – even on Fox – were focusing on Cliven Bundy’s habit of not paying grazing fees without mentioning the facts surrounding his not paying which included the government continually limiting the grazing area and the number of cows he would be allowed to have. They were putting him out of business.

The article also states the obvious – this is a land grab. Roughly, 87% of Nevada is now owned or controlled by the federal government.

I don’t know the article to be true and don’t trust unnamed sources but this is what I do know. Drones were reportedly seen. The NSA monitors everyone and then lies about it. The government enacted martial law and free speech zones against a family of ranchers and peaceful protesters. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) just named the Bundys, an innocent family of ranchers, as domestic terrorists – at least the Bundys are in good company with Catholics, Evangelicals, and a Orthodox Jews! The SPLC works very closely with this administration even though they are anti-religion communists.  Gun control is always on the mind of this administration.

We can’t get too conspiratorial but have you noticed that this administration is always conspiring?

It’s okay, it couldn’t happen here, right?

If you want to read the article at beforeitsnews, the title is #BundyRanch DHS Source Bombshell Warning! Patriots Hoodwinked! I’m on the road and can’t include the link.


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