Burglar Sues Homeowner for Shooting Him

Burglar Bailey
Burglar Bailey

The Star Press is reporting that a burglar who broke into a Dunkirk, Oregon man’s garage is suing the homeowner for shooting him.

David A. Bailey, 31, of Albany, broke into the garage on April 21, 2014 and homeowner David McLaughlin, 33, fired at him as he fled. One bullet hit Bailey in the left arm.

The homeowner was charged with recklessness in shooting and sentenced to 60 days in jail plus four months home detention.

Homeowner McLaughlin
Homeowner McLaughlin

The burglar received three years home detention and no jail.

Though Bailey pleaded guilty to breaking in, he now says he was innocent. He says he has “serious and permanent damage” from the bullet wound. He wants money to compensate for his ordeal.

The burglar was a criminal and the homeowner was guilty of a violation.

Should a burglar be allowed to file these charges? What about the sleazy lawyer? Is this criminal sympathetic?

What do you think?



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