Burkman/Wohl Held Their Presser About the Robert Mueller Accuser — Very Funny


Update at the end

The Burkman conference with the alleged victim of Robert Mueller took place at the Rosslyn Holiday Inn. Amazing they could get the Holiday Inn on such short notice.

Miss Cass was named as the alleged victim of Robert Mueller but she bolted.

She allegedly said, “she feared for her life” and took a plane out of there. The accuser’s name is Carolyne Cass of Cass Fashion but we might not have the spelling right since Burkman and Wohl had trouble spelling it.

Allegedly, she was 25 years of age at the time of the assault and didn’t know who Mueller was. She is a well-educated, family-oriented fashion designer. Cass was a student at NYU, Art Institute of Dallas, and Parsons.

Miss Cass doesn’t watch the news and didn’t know what was going on and who Mueller was until recently. She does appear to be a real person but that’s all we will commit to, other than we always believe the woman.😳

The accuser allegedly says it happened eight years ago.

The presser was held by Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl and it was confusing. The press made them out to be charlatans.

It was aired on Periscope.


Jacob Wohl is the 20-year old investigator. Burkman said he is a brilliant investigator – a child prodigy. Burkman said the purpose of this presser was to get to the truth.

Wohl was annoyed with reporters for calling his mom and teenage sisters — although this is only because he used his family phone plan for his “intelligence firm.”

Young Mr. Wohl addressed fake profiles brought up by the reporters. One had Wohl photoshopped into a corncob. He said, “One of them had a picture of corn!”

The first photo is of the alleged accuser.

A Google search brought up a photo of fashion designer Carolyne Cass. All we can confirm is a fashion designer named Carolyne Cass does exist.


The woman accusing Robert Mueller of rape has nothing to financially gain from coming forward with her allegations against the special counsel and her testimony can be corroborated, the attorney representing the accuser and the journalist who discovered her maintain.

Media outlets say a woman name Louella Parsons claimed she was offered money to make false claims about Robert Mueller.

The media can’t get verification from Parsons herself and Burkman denies it, claiming she’s a “phantom”.

Mueller said he has referred this matter to the FBI.

According to reports, Burkman has pulled stunts like this a few times before.

Burkman originally said they had seven accusers but it’s down to three or two or one or something. Four were discredited.


There is a police report.

In any case, the woman is “very credible” and we believe the women, whoever they are. Always believe the women. Mueller is guilty until proven innocent. It’s so plausible that Mueller must step down immediately just because the accusation is so serious.

There were many contradicting statements. If this turns out to be a hoax, it’s probably to make a point about the press, but who knows.

The presser was hysterical if only to watch the comments by the press. Watch it here or you can watch it on the link.



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5 years ago

The seriousness of the charge makes it believable.

Richard Cevat (@rcevat69)
Richard Cevat (@rcevat69)
5 years ago

Dear Greg,

She could sound incredibly believable. However, the event occured, she says on August 2, 2010. There are official reports that Mr Mueller was not in NY on that day, he had jury duty in DC.
Moreover, the lady claims he took her to the nineteenth floor of his hotel (forgot the name). On that floor there are no rooms, just the gym

Sound credible?

5 years ago

I think this Cass woman sounds extremely believable. Her description of the events and demeanor is indicative of someone telling the truth.