Business-Friendly NYC Grades Restaurants for Bugs Flying Around Sidewalk Cafes


If you have a fly on your sidewalk cafe, you’re getting a fine and you’re getting a point against you in your grade. How the heck are you supposed to prevent flies from being in your sidewalk cafe? We need a system that’s fair to the consumer and fair to the small businesses or restaurants in New York. If you have a fly in your restaurant, you’re getting a $300 to $350 fine. If there’s one fly in the restaurant, if you see him in the front [and] if you see him in the back, you’re getting $700 worth of fines.”

~ New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, on why the grading system is not fair. said Quinn on Tuesday. 

Nanny NYC has established a new restaurant rating system to be enforced by the Board of Health. From my perspective, this new system is providing a new pocket to pick and it’s begging for corruption.

Click here to take a survey about the new restaurant rating system if you own a NYC restaurant – CBS

Christine Quinn likes the letter grading system but wants it to be fair to restaurants.


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