Business Insider Takes Down Article After SJWs Rampage


Business Insider [BI] took down an article by a staff writer who dared defend Scarlett Johansson for playing a transgender man in a new film. The politically-correct employees had complained bitterly.

Daniella Greenbaum published the column “Scarlett Johansson is being unfairly criticized for doing her job after being cast as a transgender man,” on Friday. Her defense met with outrage. The LGBTs demand transgender roles be played by transgenders.

“The job of an actor is to represent someone else,” Greenbaum wrote. “Johansson’s identity off the screen is irrelevant to the identities she plays on the screen. That’s what she’s paid for. And if she does her job, she’ll make everyone forget about the controversy in the first place.”

That’s what the employees found too offensive for print.

The Daily Beast reported about the takedown. Then Business Insider noted they took the column down “because, upon further review, we decided it did not meet our editorial standards.”

BI then followed up with columns about LGBTQ…issues. [Notice the LGBTs now include ‘Q’ with more letters to come.]

The company will censor better in the future according to an email sent internally.

“Editors should make sure we are not publishing shallow, ‘hot takes,’ but instead, fully thought-out arguments that reflect and respect the opposing view,” Carlson said. “There should be no partisan name-calling, e.g. ‘social justice warriors,’ ‘libtards,’ or ‘rednecks.’ Opinion and arguments should feel reported and researched, and not like quick reactions.”

In other words, any opinion that offends some is not “fully thought-out”.

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