Buttigieg tells kids the writers of the Constitution didn’t realize slavery was bad


Has anyone had enough of condescending moralist St. Pete Buttigieg, one of our more imperious Democrat candidates for president? Recently, he said Jesus would have likely been fine with abortion, late-term, whatever. He continuously claims he is the great Christian and appears to want to show the rest of us how to live as Christians. What he is preaching is not anything I learned in catechism classes.

St. Pete told school kids in a video today that “the people who wrote the Constitution did not understand that slavery was a bad thing.” Aside from his condescending attitude towards the great men who wrote our Constitution and fought for freedom at great cost, Buttigieg didn’t even bother to learn a little about how the Founding Fathers felt about slavery.

The people who wrote the Constitution, as he describes our Founding Fathers, were in a terrible position. If they abolished slavery in 1776, the south would not have joined the Revolution. The nation could not have survived. Even in 1812, the fragile new nation almost fell to the British — who do not have a Bill of Rights to this day .

Wiser, better-educated men than Buttigieg, the son of a famous communist professor, set the record straight.


Ted Cruz went full-bore.





Buttigieg wants to be President and literally doesn’t know much. The Founding Fathers were brilliant, eloquent, and self-sacrificing, unlike the politicians we see today. The founding fathers more than respected civil rights but felt they had to leave slavery to future generations. They did what they could and sacrificed much. They couldn’t start a Civil War.

Buttigieg is an idiot. Neither he nor his Democrat colleagues are fit for office. All they want to do is tear down our rule of law. That’s what Obama did and what Democrats will do again.



  1. Buttitch is unimportant and fleeting ….. Now TRUMP:
    The greatest betrayal of Christ Jesus since the KISS of Judas Iscariot.
    Trump’s “SUPER SUPERIORITY” Executive Order for Jews. The order will effectively interpret Judaism as a nationality, not just a religion, to trigger a federal law penalizing colleges and universities, and soon expand to cover Worshiping CHRIST since Judaism has hated and attacked Christ for 2,000 years.
    For the first time since Emperor Constantine recognized Christianity in the 300th Year of Our Lord, Christians are relegated to SECOND CLASS CITIZENSHIP. 1700 years and JUDAS ISCARIOT again betrays CHRIST.
    The first step in legalizing State sponsored Christian Persecution.
    Trump has set the legal precedent for the subjugation of Christianity.
    Trump just set the legal foundation for the TRIBULATION so many fret about.
    Crosses on Churches ALREADY “offend” Jews . … so do Nativities, Carols, Trees …. Where do you think the “War on CHRISTmas” originates? Jews refuse to acknowledge Jesus or the NEW Testament and Trump just handed them the weapon to attack.
    Talk about “War on Christmas” … Like King Herod attempting to murder the Baby Jesus, King Trump has launched an attack on CHRISTianity by Officially Legalizing the elevation of Judaism ABOVE Christ, just 13 DAYS before CHRISTmas.
    The USA has a “National Menorah” but NOT a “National Nativity
    There is a “christmas tree” but that is nothing but a DECORATION .

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