Buttigieg & Yang say legalize all drugs, help them shoot up


The radical socialist Democrats want to empty America’s prisons. They want anarchy. In New York, for example, the socialist Democrats now in control of the state, will allow Andrew Cuomo to release thousands of prisoners, pardon criminal illegal aliens, and not require bail for serious crimes. In addition, suspects will get the names and addresses of witnesses within 15 days and criminal suspects can return to the scene of their crime [and intimidate victims].

Buttigieg & Yang Want to Empty Prisons

It’s not only Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wants to empty out prisons. St. Pete Buttigieg and crazy Andy Yang want to also. In fact, they want to legalize possession of all illegal drugs during a drug crisis. Yang wants to give addicts places to shoot up, along with the drugs to do it. He says it will save lives.

Democrats think drugs are a victimless crime and call the legalization of drugs “decriminalization” to deceive people. It’s a euphemism for legalizing all drugs.

It doesn’t stop the criminals. Criminal pot sales are going on right next to legal pot stores.


Danny Coulson, a former deputy assistant director of the FBI, told Mark Steyn, sitting in for Tucker last night, that it is not victimless. He said, “Do we want to tell the youth of America that it’s okay to take shots of heroin, for women to sell their children into slavery for a hit of crack cocaine?” “…this is a horrible message to deliver?”

“And it’s not victimless because people on cocaine, they don’t hold down jobs if they’re heavily addicted. People on heroin, they rob banks, they rob people, they mug people, so it’s not victimless.”

“Victims are one step removed,” he added.

For these candidates to suggest this is baffling to Mr. Coulson said. Most of the people he put in prison were addicted to some kind of drug.

He said drugs leas to more crime and more violent crime.

Mr. Coulson concluded, “violent criminals” need to be in prison. We have to look at non-violent criminals, but that is not this.

Watch the Democrats:

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3 years ago

This is one of the most ignorant and poorly thought out articles I’ve read on this subject in a long time. It is these kind of articles that further a line of thinking that keeps us from moving forward as a society and ending the miserable failure of the war on drugs. All of the bad things described in here are direct symptoms of what criminalizing drugs does. Prohibition and taking away free will does not work. The war on drugs has been tried for decades and is a failure by any measure. This author plays on the fears of closed minded people and continues to push for a broken corrupted system that benefits Mexican cartels to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars. Switzerland had an opioid problem worse than here in the U.S. and the solution was to decriminalize and help those with drug problems. In fact, they set up state clinics and provided free medical grade heroin to users, no questions asked. It resulted in a huge decrease in od deaths, crime and usage. In fact they found that many users eventually quit using on their own. Compare that to here where we make them criminals, lock them in cages, manipulate their sickness against them and use them as pawns to go after others in the drug world. The government and law enforcement are not interested in reducing the problem, as this allows them to manipulate and control a population of sheep through fear and hatred. But yeah, let’s keep doing what we’ve been doing for decades. The government, law enforcement and Mexican cartels are depending on us to continue this war on our people.

It’s a sad thing that this author can write such an uninformed and archaic article. There was no research done on this. If so, you might have learned that there has been significant research and findings that drugs like mushrooms, lsd and DMT are exceptional in treating significant mental related problems like depression, PTSD, and drug addiction including alcoholism. These are far better options for treatment and have no significant risk of unwanted side effects. Compared to pharmaceuticals that are responsible for more unnecessary deaths annually than all street drugs combined. Couple that with the fact that alcohol is a far more damaging and dangerous drug that causes more harm and destruction than even opioids. Add in tobacco and sugar and you have a nation of sickness and disease that is killing us in dramatic fashion. Add in a dramatic rise in suicide and you get a DROP IN life expectancy 2 years in a row in this Land of the free. Lol. What a joke.

Susan Elizabeth Clemons
Susan Elizabeth Clemons
3 years ago

These lefties are totally morally bankrupt.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Pure anarchy and chaos is the end product of this insane policy, going back to the French Revolution, when murderers, thieves and rapists were unleashed upon society.