Buttigieg & Yang say legalize all drugs, help them shoot up


The radical socialist Democrats want to empty America’s prisons. They want anarchy. In New York, for example, the socialist Democrats now in control of the state, will allow Andrew Cuomo to release thousands of prisoners, pardon criminal illegal aliens, and not require bail for serious crimes. In addition, suspects will get the names and addresses of witnesses within 15 days and criminal suspects can return to the scene of their crime [and intimidate victims].

Buttigieg & Yang Want to Empty Prisons

It’s not only Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wants to empty out prisons. St. Pete Buttigieg and crazy Andy Yang want to also. In fact, they want to legalize possession of all illegal drugs during a drug crisis. Yang wants to give addicts places to shoot up, along with the drugs to do it. He says it will save lives.

Democrats think drugs are a victimless crime and call the legalization of drugs “decriminalization” to deceive people. It’s a euphemism for legalizing all drugs.

It doesn’t stop the criminals. Criminal pot sales are going on right next to legal pot stores.


Danny Coulson, a former deputy assistant director of the FBI, told Mark Steyn, sitting in for Tucker last night, that it is not victimless. He said, “Do we want to tell the youth of America that it’s okay to take shots of heroin, for women to sell their children into slavery for a hit of crack cocaine?” “…this is a horrible message to deliver?”

“And it’s not victimless because people on cocaine, they don’t hold down jobs if they’re heavily addicted. People on heroin, they rob banks, they rob people, they mug people, so it’s not victimless.”

“Victims are one step removed,” he added.

For these candidates to suggest this is baffling to Mr. Coulson said. Most of the people he put in prison were addicted to some kind of drug.

He said drugs leas to more crime and more violent crime.

Mr. Coulson concluded, “violent criminals” need to be in prison. We have to look at non-violent criminals, but that is not this.

Watch the Democrats:

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