Buzzfeed Bigots! Buzzfeed Goes from Communism to “Bigoted Piece of Filth” Article


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It was only two weeks ago when another Buzzfeed editor lauded communism and here we are this week discussing their racist leanings. It’s so good to know who they are.

Buzzfeed staffer Patrice Peck wrote an anti-White hate piece for Buzzfeed under the guise of entertainment, titled, “37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018.” In it she lists “America” among the things that whites are supposedly ruining.

The article is trending with more than 1.6 million views.

What have Caucasians ruined, you ask? Patrice says it’s macaroni and cheese, K-Pop, sneaker culture, makeup, trees and, in general, the United States of America.

She should be kissing the ground to thank white Europeans for building a free and wealthy nation as opposed to a socialist and/or Third World nation as we see across the globe.

You see, it’s okay to be racist and sexist if it’s aimed at the hard-left’s enemies, the only unprotected class left – whites.

“This article isn’t funny, it’s racist—plain and simple. If a similar piece was written about any other ethnicity, the journalist would be fired on the spot. It undoubtedly would spark public outrage, and rightfully so” conservative commentator Britt McHenry told Fox News.

Her tale of tweets and copy and past comments claims that Kendall Jenner ruined protests, wealthy people have ruined “trees” by installing anti-bird spikes, white Hollywood ruined the Oscars, Adele beating Beyoncé for an award ruined the Grammys and one particular white woman ruined the hit Migos song “Bad and Boujee” simply by posting a video of herself singing along. In fact, Peck says white people ruined the word “boujee” all together, Fox News reported.

If this were about blacks or Muslims, how would it go over? We already know how. When Imus joked about “nappy-headed hos”, he was almost drummed out of existence. He had to pray at the feet of racial arsonist Al Sharpton for redemption along with sending his lovely wife out to pinch hit and donate a lot of money to left-wing Sharpton, the tax dodger.

When Jimmy the Greek was praising blacks for their speed and described their alleged physique as a reason why, he was fired quicker that a flea can land on a dog’s behind.

Remember the fireman who brought in a watermelon to his new job in a black firehouse? Fired!

But, somehow it’s funny to say white people ruined the United States because 70% voted for Trump or to mock white people dancing or cooking.

The woman obviously hates white people. If this is funny, it’s only funny for other white-hating folks.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor told Fox News that “openly liberal media have finally outed themselves” and left-leaning media members think “it’s OK to be racist or sexist, as long as their targets are white and male” with conservative values.

“The easy test of this is try imagining a bigoted piece of filth like this being written about any other group. Picture the ‘37 Things Black People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018’ headline and then wait for Twitter to shut down your account,” Gainor said.

Gainor called BuzzFeed “openly bigoted” but said “major media will let them get it away it” because many would-be critics are just as guilty.

“Instead of hating white people, maybe Buzzfeed should thank them. The unemployment rate remains at a 17-year low, and the economy grew last quarter at its fastest pace since 2015. Minorities, including Hispanics and Blacks, are seeing historic lows in unemployment across the country,” McHenry said.

The racially insensitive writer claims white people have ruined “childhoods” and links to video of an elderly woman in an argument over a child selling candy outside of a department store. To end the piece, Peck blames white people for ruining the ability to identify as Filipino and black, with links to stories about white people who identify as non-white races.

If she wants to get rid of racism, she could start with herself.

Buzzfeed told Fox News they need to distinguish news from entertainment. Perhaps Buzzfeed needs to distinguish entertainment from racism.

However, we are talking communists here. Only a couple weeks ago, Buzzfeed’s science editor wrote all she wants for Christmas is communism. Maybe Buzzfeed would like to take its operation to China or Russia and see how well that works out for them.

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