Buzzfeed News Puts Itself Ahead of the Curve for Vulgarity


Liberals/Leftists treat Buzzfeed News as a legitimate news service though the publication deals mostly in tabloid fodder with occasional news stories. They are very liberal left in that anything goes except moral tenets and heterogeneous and monogamous relationships.

This week, the Media Research Center picked up one of their news articles promoting orgies which definitely puts them ahead of the curve in encouraging base behavior.

The article titled, “20 Sex Tips For Orgies That Are Actually Amazing,” has the extra classy subhead: “You’re welcum.”

Their staff [he’s on staff] writer Spencer Althouse did the research. (The URL includes the words: “sorry-mom-i-know-i-have-a-college-degree?”)

From the article: “We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they wish they’d known before having an orgy. Here are the helpful results.”

There were near-porn photos with little “OMG” circles over the naughty parts. It was so perverse and vulgar, we can’t reprint it here. One of their points that I can repeat here is: “7. Don’t let your defined sexuality get in the way.”

Oh, sure, why would we do that.

They do warn people to check the STD status of participants because they wouldn’t want to make any of these amoral clowns sick.

One can see why the leftists are so repulsed by limits to their sexual behavior. All they need to care about is STD status and how to do the most perverse things for pleasure.



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