CAIR, Globalists, Susan Rice Rush to McMaster’s Defense


CAIR has run to H.R. McMaster’s defense, along with globalists, Susan Rice and other left-wingers. The U.N. supports McMaster and he has allowed the Obama team, suspected of corruption, to keep their security clearances for those things they’ve created, signed, touched and so on although they have been accused of illegally unmasking Americans. It’s seen as a step towards exoneration.

If you don’t like McMaster, you’re alt-right, a white supremacist and an Islamophobe.

CAIR tweeted, “#CAIR Islamophobia Watch: Islamophobes, white supremacists launch campaign to oust H.R. McMaster after he fired… they referenced a leftist Newsweek article slanted against Trump, describing the firing of three patriots from the NSC.

McMaster has kept the Ben Rhodes staff and fired the Flynn-Trump appointees which has many on the right concerned.

McMaster has been accused of being anti-Israel. It is also being reported that he refuses to acknowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

As one might expect, Susan Rice came out in his defense. She told Wolf Blitzer, that those critical of her renewed security clearance were trying to “make an issue where there’s not one.”

She continued, “General McMaster, according to the White House statement, renewed the security clearances of all of his former advisers and living presidents of the United States. That is customary to do when a new administration comes in, and all of the prior ones have done the same.”

It is also true that never before has an administration been so suspect without facing any repercussions.

“I think it is really, unfortunately, an opportunity and an excuse for those that are now quite unfairly, in my judgment, attacking General McMaster to make an issue where there is not one.”

Asked whether she and McMaster have been in contact since he was given the position in February, Rice basically confirmed she had. She said, “I think I would rather not answer that. I think, let us just say it is customary for sitting national security advisers, I know from my own experience, to be in touch with predecessors to understand what challenges and issues they wrestled with and what options they considered.”

The neverTrump editorial board of the Wall Street Journal has also rushed to his defense.

Time will tell how good he is for the United States. If he does screw it up, the media will only blame Trump.

At the same time, our foreign policy is being set by secretary of state Rex Tillerson who is hosting CAIR and other radical groups.

The Hamas-tied Muslim Brotherhood front group met with officials from the State Department Thursday to discuss the ongoing situation in Jerusalem, the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) posted online.

Radical Islamists put the gathering together.

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