CAIR-MN to protest President Trump, Omar Becomes the Victim


The Minnesota chapter of the Council of Islamic Relations will hold a peaceful protest in Burnsville, Minnesota today while the President speaks to the crowd. They stand with Omar.

Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar claims that the President’s tweet blasting her comments about 9/11 has led to an increase in death threats against her. With Omar, an accomplished liar, it’s best to see the evidence before latching onto that claim.

The congresswoman recently told a CAIR audience that on 9/11, “some people did something,” and then went on to portray the real problem as the so-called backlash against Muslims.


The President saw her desecration and offense for what it was and gave the perfect response. What the President did was to brilliantly criticize her, using her own words. That’s why Democrats and the CAIR operatives have to belittle it. They will quarter no criticism and Omar must now be raised up to victim status.

“We will never forget,” was originally used to reference the Holocaust, which Omar minimizes as well.

Democrats and CAIR are now out in full force to make Omar the victim.


Stereotyping Muslims for the actions of one faction of Islam is wrong — it’s xenophobia. Islamophobia is different and most Americans don’t know the difference. Islamophobia attempts to make every criticism of Islam, mainly the radical aspects of it, unlawful.

That is what Omar did with her tweet. She made criticism of her the offense and painted herself as an innocent victim. It’s the exact same thing she did by desecrating 9/11 and elevating backlash against Muslims, what little there was.

As Muslim anti-CAIR activist Dr. Ahmed said during a recent TV interview, radical Islamists like to equate Islamophobia with anti-Semitism and that is “diabolical.” [That is what Omar likes to do — conflate dissimilar things to make a lie palatable.]

Islamophobia is used to silence people, women throughout the world. It is unIslamic to not question Islam, Dr. Ahmed says.