CAIR Propagandist Targets Michelle Malkin for Helping Andy Ngo


Zakir Khan, the leader of the Portland Council on American-Islamic Relations, who is also a communications professor, mocked Andy Ngo who was beaten by Antifa cowards this weekend. Ngo ended up in the hospital and all he was doing was filming.

Khan also targeted conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin over her starting a GoFundMe page for Ngo.

Judging from his Twitter feed, Khan is an avid supporter of Antifa, the violent anarcho-communists who are most active in his state of Oregon.

Not only was Ngo beaten, but his equipment was also stolen by the Antifa terrorists.

The campaign set up by Ms. Malkin has a goal of  $50,000, but as of this writing, it has exceeded $134,000.

We have one for you, Khan:

  1. How to become a CAIR propagandist to protect terrorists
  2. Repeat lies and propaganda to incite violence
  3. Watch them and their followers attack
  4. Voila radical Islam
  5. ????
  6. Terrorism

Michelle Malkin is under fire by CAIR because she is not thrilled about CAIR — a terror-tied organization — gaining power in the United States.

Twitter recently warned her that she violated Pakistani laws for doing nothing more than posting harmless Mohammed photos. CAIR probably had something to do with that.

Anyone who says anything against radical Islamists like CAIR is targeted for extinction.

Michelle Malkin is no Islamophobe but that’s the line CAIR uses to silence Americans.

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