CAIR Says Family of NYC Terror Attacker Are “Outraged”…At Police!


CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood-tied organization, spoke on behalf of the New York City suicide bomber’s family. Despite a confession by the New York City Islamist, who has sworn allegiance to ISIS, his family is angry with police.

The spokesman said they are “heartbroken” by the violence to hit the city and the “allegations” against their family member, but those police man. They are also “outraged” at them. They pulled children, a 4-year old and a 17-year old out of school to question them and they had to stand in the cold. The Ullah family and CAIR want you to know they are just livid about it.

What they’re really after, is shutting down all interrogation because that’s how the Brotherhood operates.

Communist Mayor Bill De Blasio has already obliged the Brotherhood by stopping all surveillance of suspect mosques.

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