CAIR Wants GOP Official Fired After Warning of “Infiltration”


Two Minnesota GOP state legislators and a local Republican Party official warned on Facebook this week of a plot to “mobilize Muslims to infiltrate our Republican caucuses on Feb. 6,” Star Tribune reported. They say that local Muslim-Americans are bing taught to “penetrate” and “infiltrate” to eventually put forward the Muslim political agenda.

Muslims are allowed to engage in politics like any other American and they can push their values. That’s American, but if they plan to push Sharia Law, that’s another matter.

State Reps. Kathy Lohmer, R-Stillwater, Cindy Pugh, a third-term Chanhassen Republican, and Dave Sina, the chairman of the Fourth Congressional District GOP, posted to Facebook (below) that “a friend” went to a caucus training held at a local mosque where he witnessed the instruction.

Fellow Republicans, the League of Women Voters and one interfaith religious group condemned him.

The Post has been removed but it’s being spread around.

Foreigners are behind the instruction according tot he report.

Pugh, Lohmer and Sina report in the post that a Macalester College professor “from Bangladesh” conducted the training and told the people gathered that the caucus system is easy to “penetrate” because “you show up, you win.” The trainer is alleged to have said, “Americans don’t show up.”

“He encourages them to infiltrate them all, Republican, Democratic, as well as Green and Independent, get in them all because the power is in showing up. The easiest is the Republican caucus because they don’t show up,” Sina and Pugh wrote.

The three Republicans said the political agenda included “loosening up immigration, religious justice, handling the Islamaphobia and more money for education.”

Sina is being bashed from every quarter but what if he’s accurate? It’s not a fantastical story.


It’s unclear why everyone is so angry. Mr.Sina appears to be simply relating what was told to him and the information doesn’t sound particularly unrealistic or dishonest.

As is typical with CAIR, they are demanding the Minnesota Republican be fired. That’s what they do — sue and threaten all dissenters.

That doesn’t mean we know who is or isn’t telling the truth. We don’t know, but it’s a good topic for discussion.

One thing that strikes us as very dishonest is their claiming Muslims are targeted more since President Trump was elected. They also boast of getting two Texas teachers fired.

CAIR is tied to the terrorist group Hamas and they are extreme, often advocating for policies that will hurt the United States.

People shouldn’t be so quick to jump to their side. it would be nice to know more about Mr. Sina’s source and what exactly was said but the dialogue has been effectively shut down. It would be nice to know what agenda they want to promote. Not everything is racist or Islamophobia.

If you click on CAIR’s response below, they include the original post.

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