Cali blames President for homeless problem Dems turned into a failed business


California Governor Gavin Newsom wants federal tax money to help fix the homeless problem his socialist policies and those of the far-left Governor before him created.

This problem can’t be blamed on the President since it’s been around since long before the President took office and it was the Republicans who tried to rein the socialists in but failed.

At one point in the clip below, as he calls for federal funding for his failed homeless business, he attacks Republicans, claiming they don’t give enough money for health.

There would never be enough money for a hard-left gasbag like Newsom. He has gall blaming Republicans when they have no power in the California government.

The federal government would help California if he had policies that would reverse the problem.

The idiotic giveaway programs, the safe havens for illegal aliens, taxing working citizens to death, providing safe zones for drug use, free drugs to addicts, absurdly lax laws, deeply unfriendly business regulations, and so much more, have made a mess of the state. It looks like a Third World country in some areas, areas which are growing.

The homeless problem was a problem in Cali since the Democrats took most of the control of the government. Now they have all the control, so fix it.

Watch the arrogant socialist in action, talking down to the reporter:

As a federal taxpayer, I don’t want you to get a dime until you clean up your mess, Gavin, and start legislating sanely. Subsidizing California would encourage other states to continue their bad practices. Ask the tech giants to fork over their profits for your socialist schemes they support, Gavin.

Newsom didn’t do a thing about homelessness when he was a mayor or a lieutenant governor, and he’s not doing anything about it now that he’s governor. He’s a gasbag full of bad ideas.


California just voted to give free healthcare to illegal aliens. They should take that back and use that money. Mexicans do not own California. Stop the lying.

Under Jerry Brown, over 750 million dollars was spent for California homeless. Over 2 billion dollars was given to California in 2016 and the dollars are tied up in court. California receives millions for its sanctuary status, where the criminals find a home.

California’s federal tax dollars for homeless now go to lawsuits, misuse of funds, and other waste. That is a fact even the LA Times admits.

Cali Turned Homelessness Into a Failed Business

The socialist Californians have turned homelessness into a failed business. Progressive policies create or add to the problem with the best of intentions in many cases.

Proposition 47, for example, is a self-inflicted wound anyone could have predicted.

Supported by the California Democratic Party and championed by the American Civil Liberties Union, the referendum was passed by a wide margin in 2014. They reduced certain so-called non-violent felonies to misdemeanors in order to free up resources for cops and prosecutors to go after serious, violent offenders. This included downgrading fraud, forgery, shoplifting, and grand theft as long as the total value of the stolen property was less than $950.

It also included illegal drugs. The area became a magnet for drug addicts and petty thieves.

Then there are the medieval diseases making a comeback.

In LA, they have billions for homes for the homeless but three years and $1.2 billion later, there are zero homes built.

Thank the big government and the welfare businesses they support. Fix it yourself. You already get enough tax dollars, Gavin and your fellow comrades in government.

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