Cali Goes Full-Fascist with a Gender Quota for Publicly-Traded Companies


Fascist California is going to pass a law which will require companies to put at least one woman on their board. It’s likely unconstitutional, but that wouldn’t stop Cali.

State legislators on Wednesday moved forward on telling publicly-traded companies headquartered in California who to hire in the name of equality – or face a penalty, CNN reported.

Moonbat Governor Jerry Brown would still have to sign it and he probably will.


“One-fourth of California’s publicly traded companies still do not have a single woman on their board, despite numerous independent studies that show companies with women on their board are more profitable and productive,” California state Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson told The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

“With women comprising over half the population and making over 70% of purchasing decisions, their insight is critical to discussions and decisions that affect corporate culture, actions and profitability,” she said.

Women have not traditionally had the eduction or experience for it.

Vicki W. Kramer, author of the 2006 study, “Critical Mass on Corporate Boards,” told CNN, “One is definitely not enough,” she said. “But at least with companies that have none, to at least just get one — and then let’s go from there. But one is not enough. One is a token.”

I wouldn’t want to be the token woman. Now everyone will think women who make it are mereley tokens. This is demeaning to women.

This is also pure fascism.


Cali is going to jail waiters who give out straws without being asked at least Sacramento is. The straw issue is based on a 9-year old’s research project.

San Fran gives visitors a poop map so they don’t step in human waste.

Restaurants are being told to only serve water or milk with childrens’ meals.

Illegals are allowed to break the law and be protected, illegals have driver’s licenses, and illegals get lots of freebies.

Prisoners who commit serious crimes are released early because Cali doesn’t want prisons. And there will be no bail for criminals or suspects.

Cali does not deal with the hyperdermics and homelessness caused by their horrible policies since butting into everyone’s business is their major concern.

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4 years ago

And what about those female chimps?! After all, chimps are the closest living genetic cousins to humans … and they have rights, too (sarcasm).

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Bean counter madness, never-ending spiral into absolute chaos.

Paul Walline
Paul Walline
4 years ago

“With women comprising over half the population and making over 70% of purchasing decisions” Hmm. That doesn’t seem fair. There should be a law to fix this. And when will Cal get with the program and quit their binarist approach? There are now more than 20 different gender identities. There should be at least one of each on every board. /sarc