Cali Judge Dana Sabraw Usurps Presidential Authority on Illegal Reunification


The separation of families has stopped and the administration is reuniting families, but some of the parents have been sent back to their countries. The solution is to send whole families back but the law doesn’t let the President do that either.

An activist judge in California Dana Sabraw has ruled on this issue, making himself more important than the President.

Here we have another case of one rogue judge engaging in political activism from the bench and telling the entire country what to do. This judge didn’t mind when Barack Obama separated families.

Democrats don’t mind parents giving their children to cartels.

U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw of San Diego issued the preliminary injunction, finding the practice likely violates the Constitution. The decision is not a ruling on the merits of the dispute.

“Asylum seekers like Ms. L. and many other class members may be fleeing persecution and are entitled to careful consideration by government officials, particularly so if they have a credible fear of persecution,” he wrote. “We are a country of laws, and of compassion. We have plainly stated our intent to treat refugees with an ordered process, and benevolence, by codifying principles of asylum.”

“The government’s treatment of Ms. L. and other similarly situated class members does not meet this standard, and it is unlikely to pass constitutional muster,” he added.

The President did issue an executive order ending separation on June 20 but it does not affect the now-fewer than 2,000 children already separated.

The judge claims the President’s “zero-tolerance” violated the right to family integrity established under the Constitution’s due process. It’s ironic since Democrats only like due process when they can use it to their benefit. They were happy to eliminate due process over gun ownership.


Sabraw said this constitutional right applies since the plaintiffs are seeking asylum.

The latest gimmick to keep the borders open is for all illegal aliens to ask for asylum even though most are overwhelmingly economic migrants or criminals.

The ruling requires that alien minors be detained with their parents unless the U.S. Department of Homeland Security concludes the parents are unfit. The government is further bound to release alien minors if their parents are freed from custody. Finally, the court gave immigration officials 10 days to facilitate regular communication between affected families, pending their reunification.

The anti-American ACLU took the case to court on behalf of a Catholic Congolese migrant and her 6-year old daughter. They always seek out the most sympathetic case.

The gates are wide open and the Visigoths are pouring in.

Illegals wait at shelters until they can pour in with the blessings of the Democrat Party. Hundreds of thousands are getting in each month or two.

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Jeannie Myers
Jeannie Myers
5 years ago

When is this going to end people, when?